At One Crazy House, we love finding new ways to use products. But the one thing we absolutely cannot live without may surprise you… It’s baby wipes! Even though our kids are no longer in diapers (thank goodness), we still find loads of uses for baby wipes and baby wipes containers at home and on the go. From cleaning up messes to styling the perfect ‘do, here’s why you should always keep baby wipes around.

19 Insanely Clever Uses for Baby Wipes

Nifty Uses for Baby Wipes

Remove wet paint from wood while working on your crafts. In fact, you may want to keep some baby wipes around if you’re painting your walls to easily clean up stray paint droplets.

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via Lake Girl Paints

Create some fun tie dye art with the kids. Aren’t these wipes gorgeous?

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via I Can Teach My Child

Use Huggies wipes to spot clean your carpet. This works best when you get to the stain right away, so hurry!

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via To Be Thode

Parents have messy cars, no bones about it. But you can wipe off your dash in a flash when you keep baby wipes handy.

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via Successful Homemakers

Are your electronics covered in smudges and tiny fingerprints? Wipe them away with a diaper wipe!

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via Grownups Mag

Baby wipes are indispensable during art time. Use them to wipe away paint with stencils for interesting textured effects.

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via A Colorful Journey

Use gentle care wipes (sensitive wipes) to remove your makeup at the end of the day. They’re loads cheaper than makeup remover wipes, so you really get your money’s worth.

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via The Beauty Brains

Wipe down your keyboard when it’s getting too dusty. Or, if you’re like me, when you get crumbs and food on your keyboard. Oops!

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via Inspiration for Moms

Keep the inside of your heels and flats clean with baby wipes. The foot bed tends to get dark smudges over time which can look kinda gross when you need to take off your shoes.

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via Lollipuff

Use wipes to clean your kids’ toys in a pinch. This is especially helpful at the park when you can’t easily throw the toys in some soapy water.

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via Roasted Beanz

Love this tip! Take some Huggies wipes with you to your kids’ games. Use them to clean up messes or to clean up your dirty kid if you can’t head straight home to shower.

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via Comeback Momma

Everyone can use them to freshen up in the bathroom.

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via Momma Told Me

Deodorant stains are the absolute worst! Remove deodorant stains from your clothes with a few swipes of a diaper wipe.

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via Inspirations for Moms

Clean hard-to-remove marks from a dry erase board.

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via Wikihow

Speaking of white boards, if your little one scribbled all over yours with oil-based crayons, baby wipes will take those marks right off.

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via Pinterest

When removing paint from old furniture (or cabinets, etc.), wrap a nail with a baby wipe to scrape paint out of crevices.

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via Centsational Girl

Want a super easy way to clean your baseboards? Give the kiddos some baby wipes and let them wipe the boards down.

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via Clean Mama

Use baby wipes and a hair dryer to clean your microfiber couch. So trying this – our couch is in desperate need of some help!

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via Lilly Button Design

And finally, we found this super cool tutorial on curling your hair with baby wipes. Who knew?

Looking for more ideas? Read 101 Uses for Baby Wipes! Wowsers!

genius uses for baby wipes

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