With the year coming to an end, I am starting to think about the New Year. I love to declutter and really work through each room in the house and get rid of things that are collecting dust. Doing this helps me feel like I am starting the new year off right. I have some really fun farmhouse organization pieces you might want to add to your home if you like Chip & Joanna’s style. 

Clever Farmhouse Organization Pieces to Declutter Your Home #FarmhouseDecor #Declutter #HomeOrganization

Once you get your home rid of things you haven’t touched in a year, you can then move on to organizing your house with farmhouse organization and storage pieces to really clean up your home while also adding charm. I love that our house feels like a cozy home.

Ready For The New Year With Farmhouse Organization Pieces

Vintage Metal Chicken Wire Baskets

These are great for storing items in any room. Whether you want to store toiletries and beauty goods in the bathroom, some of your kid’s toys in their playroom or in the kitchen, these baskets are so versatile.

Rustic Vanity Makeup Storage Organizer

This organizer has little drawers to stash your makeup as well as containers for your makeup brushes and more.

 Galvanized Tin Storage Organization Hanging Bucket

I’m a fan of galvanized metal and this farmhouse organization piece stole my heart! You can hang this up and use it for storing magazines, your favorite cookbook, and it adds charm to your room. 

Bathroom Storage item

Mason jar fans will love this one. You can use this to put your cotton balls, q-tips and more inside to free up space in your cabinets.

 Metal Cage Storage Shelves

Store items on the shelves themselves or buy foldable bins to fit in them to hide items.

Homework/Mail Holder

If your kids are always losing their homework, this is for you. You can add the first letter of each child to one designated cubby, and they can store their items in there. Or use it for hanging fun pictures they paint, your mail or more.

Rustic Tin Mail Holder

Place this on a kitchen counter or entryway table and drop the mail in so that it doesn’t get scattered everywhere.

Foldable Storage Cubes

These would be perfect storage for your child’s playroom or bedroom! I love the fun prints on the front!

Modern Farmhouse Storage Cabinet

Whether you store hats, scarves, and other items by the front door, this will hide the items you don’t necessarily want on display. It is such a pretty statement piece as well.

Wood Entry Way Hall Tree

Give those coats, hats, and other outdoor items a home and keep the floor less cluttered! It even has a spot on the bottom to put some bins or toss your shoes or book bags.

Slim Rolling Laundry Basket

I love the farmhouse style of this laundry basket. You can tuck this into a closet to keep it out of sight.

3 Piece Storage Basket Set

Use these baskets to store random items and add some charm and style to your home.

What is your favorite farmhouse organization piece on this list?

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