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This is a perfect guide to a fun baby shower full of games you can make or buy! Who doesn’t love watching the mom-to-be open up all the adorable outfits, tiny shoes, itty-bitty diapers, and of course cake, punch, and we can’t forget the games! If you are planning to host a baby shower, check out these fun baby shower games below to help lighten the mood with the guests. I have gathered some great games old and new to help add some laughter, break the ice, and make the baby shower unforgettable for the special mom-to-be! From DIY games to ones you can order on Amazon and have shipped to your home in 2-days for all Prime members!

I know in the past when I have gone to showers whether bridal showers or even baby showers, it can always be a bit awkward. You are in a room with a ton of women some you may know, and sometimes you know just the bride-to-be or mom-to-be. Having games is a great way to help get people interacting with each other, and it allows everyone to get comfortable, share some laughs, and everyone walks away feeling a part of the day, and they enjoy themselves.

Baby Shower Games and Goodies

DIY Fun Baby Shower Games and Goodies


Here are eight free printables that are great for passing out the guest. Let them choose a baby name from each letter of the alphabet, guess the prices of baby products, and more. Lots of great printables that you can print yourself for a very affordable game time.

Name that Tune is a really fun game where you take modern and classic songs that are turned into lullabies, and you have to guess the band and the name of the song. Sounds like a really neat one to play.

You can never go wrong with a good baby word search. Maybe hand out a small prize to the first one or two done, and see how your guest’s race to find all the hidden words!


A diaper rattle would be fun to make and then in one or two add a creative prize that the guest will want to win and have each person open up their rattle to see if they are the lucky ones or if they end up with another type of prize like a chocolate candy.

The DIY dirty diaper game would be another fun one, where you leave the guest in suspense until you tell them to open their diapers, whoever has the dirty diaper wins.

What’s in your purse is an entertaining game, I have played this before. You earn points for what is in your purse based off their list. Winner gets a prize, and it will leave everyone scrambling to see what they have that can be checked off the list. Plus, checkout all the zoo themed baby shower goodies like this chocolate fondue.


A very affordable and fun baby shower game is the toilet paper game. You just need toilet paper to play this game.

Fun Baby Shower Games To Buy

Pin the Pacifier game is a lot like pin the tail on the donkey but in baby shower themed. I think it would be fun to play this game as an adult.

My water broke is a classic game that is often played, but let’s be honest, it is always fun trying to see whose water breaks first. The suspense of this game is a lot of fun.

The clothespin game is a lot of fun as well. If you say the word baby your clothespin gets taken away, the person with the most clothespins at the end of stealing from others when they say,”baby” wins.

Try your luck with these baby shower lotto tickets. They are scratch off tickets that are baby themed. Who doesn’t love to scratch a lottery ticket to see if they struck it rich?

I love these baby shower prediction cards, while they aren’t entirely a game but it is a great keepsake for the parents. You could have each guest read off what they wrote if you want to make it more open similar to a game.