Suddenly stuck at home way more than normal? Here are fun things to do at home for adults to keep you from going bonkers during a period of quarantine.

Nothing like this has ever happened in my lifetime – or in anyone’s lifetime that I’ve talked to lately. It’s a time when nothing seems real and EVERYTHING seems to be closed (schools, libraries, museums, businesses, sports leagues and more).

How do you spend your time when you’re staying so close to home, especially if the weather is bad? After all, there are only SO MANY times you watch reruns of the Gilmore Girls ?

Lucky for you, I’ve been facing the same problem and came up with a giant list of fun things to do at home when you’re self-quarantined.

Fun Things to do at Home for Adults

Thankfully many businesses and services have gone virtual to keep serving people even while we are all practicing social distancing.

No matter what you enjoy doing, you’ll find resources on this list that will keep you busy and engaged at the same time.

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Virtual Museum Tours

You be stuck at home, but that doesn’t mean that you have to FEEL stuck at home. Explore the world and beyond with these resources.

  • Go Around the World – museums from all over the world have created virtual tours so that you can experience their wonders from the comfort of your own couch.
  • Tour Versailles – calling all francophiles! You can literally spend hours virtually touring the splendor of Versailles.
  • Explore Space – go beyond earth to explore the mysteries of space and even do space projects while you remain safely away from other people.
senior couple enjoying fun things to do at home on a laptop

Zoos and Aquariums

Get your animal fix right here thanks to these live cam opportunities.

  • San Diego Zoo – check out these free live cams! Pandas, penguins, and tigers, oh my (plus a lot more animals too)!
  • Georgia Aquarium – how can you feel stressed (or bored) while watching amazing creatures swim around? I watch them and suddenly I feel very relaxed and happy.
  • Monterey Bay Aquarium – Sit back and enjoy watching the jellyfish or the sharks or the sea otters (my favorite) and even open-ocean animals.

National Parks

Travel the nation from your home by way of virtual tours.


Just because music venues are closed for the time being doesn’t mean that you can’t still soak up a little culture. 

  • The Metropolitan Opera – The Met is offering free opera streams right now. Get your opera fix from home (or explore if you have never been to the opera)
  • Free Online Concerts – your favorite artists from John Legend to Coldplay and many more are streaming free concerts and even taking some requests.
  • The Philadelphia Orchestra – stream the sweet sounds of classical music from your favorite orchestra right from home.
  • Classical Music From Around the World – venues from around the world are coming together to stream incredible pieces of music for you to experience and enjoy.
  • Complete Concerts – thrill in watching complete concerts from some incredible bands and artists while you’re stuck at home.


Boredom can set in quickly when you can’t frequent your normal spots or follow your normal routines. Combat boredom with these thrilling game ideas. (

  • 7 Game Ideas – here are seven addictive games you can play to help pass the time. The last one is our favorite and gets pretty competitive at times!
  • More Games – life will be exponentially better during quarantine with these games at your fingertips.
  • Hogwarts Digital Escape Room – this one is definitely on my list of must-try activities! This can be
family playing board games

Recipes to Try

Fresh food can become slightly scarce under quarantine. Here are pantry-focused recipes the family will love.

  • All Bases Covered – tasty family-friendly options for every meal of the day using food you bought to stock up your pantry. My stomach just started growling.
  • Variety is Key – here is a large list of pantry-friendly recipes to make while practicing social distancing.
  • Slow Cooking Club – why not let your slow-cooker do the work for you? This site has tons of great ideas.

Self Care and Fitness

Being stuck at home can open opportunities for workouts and self-care that you didn’t even think about. Check out these ideas.

  • Free Apps – this list of free apps has you covered when it comes to working out. Check out the huge selection.
  • Blogilates – get your 14-day workout plan from your favorite Blogilates instructor.
  • Work Those Legs – grab seven different killer leg workouts and get a jump start on toned summer thighs.
  • Mental Health – it’s not all about physical fitness. Mental health is crucial too – use these tips to protect your mental health during a pandemic.
  • Self-Care – super practical tips for any adult living under home quarantine to practice self-care.
lady practicing self care through fitness at home

Movies and TV Shows

One thing you can do is use your forced time at home to catch up on those shows you’ve been meaning to binge or check out the latest movies you haven’t had time to see yet.

  • Movies on Netflix – these must-see movies on Netflix will help you forget about any pandemic as you enjoy the film.
  • Bingeworthy Series – I love a good binge, don’t you? These series (which you can find on Netflix) are worth every single moment of viewing pleasure.
  • New Release Movies – Universal Studios is boldly putting new big-screen movies out to stream so people can still enjoy a new movie at home.

Need More Ideas? These Have You Covered

  • 100 Things To Do – when all else fails and you have just run out of ideas, this list from USA Today should keep you busy for quite a while longer!

Social distancing may be creating a “new normal” for the time being, but you can enjoy yourself anyway with this list of fun things to do at home. Enjoy that home quarantine!

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