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Let’s be honest. Growing up, we all probably saw some pretty unique and interesting ways that our parents tried to save money. Some worked, some didn’t and some were just downright bizarre. Who knew that our parents were so creative in their money-saving hacks? Didn’t they know that there were easier ways to save money out there?

I never thought of saving money as comical growing up, but some of these hacks are just too good not to share. If you are needing a good laugh, and maybe a few off the wall money-saving hacks, here are some great examples of a few of the funniest ways our parents figured out how to stretch a dollar.

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Funny Money-Saving Hacks Parents have used to Stretch a Dollar

Old school money saving hack

Reusing coffee grinds

No…why would anyone do that? Seriously, coffee grinds should not be reused. Isn’t the whole point of drinking coffee to get some of that much-needed caffeine? And then by running the water through the grinds twice….that has to dilute it way too much. BUT, good ol’ Mom and Dad totally just saved .32 cents, so that’s a money-saving win in their book.

Unplugging every appliance in the entire house every single night. This has to take a good 20 minutes of time to make this happen, right? AND how much money could it possibly save to do this every. single. night? Think of the clocks that would have to be reset each and every day. Sometimes, parents take the savings game to a whole other level.

Melting down broken crayon pieces to make them whole again

What color of crayon would you even call that? A combo of purple and red could be named “pred” possibly…that could work. Melting and reusing crayons=a savings of about .50 cents. And our lives as children are scarred forever since we grew up not knowing that normal crayons are typically one solid color.

Packing up the free bread rolls from the dinner table at the local restaurant

I know you’re laughing right now because this was also your life, right? Watching your mom wrap up those rolls in the napkins provided to send in your lunchbox the next day at school was real life for many of us!

Taking extra napkins from the gas station and keeping them in the car

Ya know, for “emergencies” only. It’s a  genius way to save a buck on not having to buy more napkins.

Telling us the Easter Bunny must have gotten lost on Easter and then giving us our Easter goodies the day after Easter.

Smooth Mom and Dad, real smooth….now that we are older, we are much more educated about those after-holiday clearance sales.

Turning our old shirts and pants into pillowcases

Growing up I always just assumed that this was for nostalgia purposes but looking back I know better now. I was sleeping nightly on my old “New Kids on the Block” re-purposed nightgown turned pillowcase because it was cheaper than buying a new one.

Making your two-ply toilet paper into one-ply

This just sounds like a ton of work! If someone has this amount of time to separate and then reroll an entire thing of toilet paper then more power to them.

Using plastic sacks for lunch bags

Okay, I know we’ve probably all done this a time or two but it’s not a consistent thing. If your child has forgotten their lunch box, a quick and simple answer is to just grab a plastic sack from the pantry and send them out the door. But while it’s simple, it’s not good for the environment nor is it durable.

I can vaguely remember my sack always breaking and the contents of my lunch flying all over the lunchroom floor. So what was meant as a simple solution to save money actually was more expensive because of the food that I had to throw away when it fell out onto the ground.

My grandpa, hands down, wins the frugal award though. When we’d ask for more water, juice, or whatever it happened to be at the moment, he’d add ice to our cups. We never bothered to ask again.

Admit it, some of these ways are downright hilarious, but actually quite genius at the same time. If anything, the funny ways that our parents thought of to save money helped mold me and my frugal habits today. I just try to stay a little more grounded with my efforts in saving money. Some may call me a lazy frugal finder, but I just prefer to call myself a selective saver.

There comes a point in time where you’ve crossed that line from frugal into downright crazy. (trust me, I’ve been there!) How did I know that I’d become too frugal? I realized that I was driving all over town searching and shopping for deals and wasting a ton of gas and time in the process.

If you’ve been there, don’t fret. It’s not an endless cycle that you have to keep going through. But I think that it’s all safe to say and simple to admit that some of these money-saving hacks are just too funny to forget!

Do you have any funny money-saving hacks from your childhood that your parents used to save money?

Or better yet, do you have any wacky money-saving hacks that you do now as a parent?! Spill the beans!

Share! Let’s reminisce and have a good laugh together!

Hilarious but Useful Money Saving Hacks from Our Parents