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If your kids are anything like mine, they are still absolutely obsessed with Frozen! We watch that movie at least twice a week and is still almost a constant topic of discussion in my house. Well, what if I told you there is a way to get Elsa frozen powers – yes, that super cool ice magic! – using the totally real powers of science?! Are you intrigued?

elsa science

Elsa’s Ice Powers Using Science

By using completely real science you can wow your kids with what appears to be Elsa frozen ice powers. It’s super cool (hah, see what I did there?) and you already have everything you need for this project on hand. Curious about what you’ll need? What if I told you all you needed was some super cold water and a tiny piece of crushed ice? It’s really that simple.

The trick to making these magic ice powers come to life is getting the water to hit below it’s natural freezing point without icing over, which is really much easier than it sounds. You’re just going to need a bit of space in your freezer and a couple of hours to let the water sit in your freezer to get extra chilly. Once it’s been chilled, pour it into a glass and touch a tiny piece of crushed ice to the surface. The whole cup of water will freeze up right before your eyes! After doing it once, you’re kids are going to want to do this again and again so make sure to have a few extra bottles of water on hand. Have fun!

olaf science

After making the ice freeze, try making olaf on a plate! Fun Elsa frozen science!