The holidays can be so crazy, hectic, and it’s so easy to get caught up in all the things we have to do in a day, that we forget our community and the needs around us. This year ReadyRefresh℠ by Nestlé® is encouraging us to give back, and in a big way.

ReadyRefresh is a beverage delivery service where you can subscribe and never run out of all your favorite beverages like Nestlé Pure Life and Ozarka Brand 100% Natural Spring Water and more festive options such as Perrier, S.Pellegrino and Acqua Panna. They are sponsoring this post and generously gave us a supply of drinks for our family to enjoy – no more late night runs to grab bottled water!!

I love not running out of essentials AND the opportunity to share with our community AND THEN, on top of that they are blessing our local food bank, North Texas Food Bank – with a delivery from their beverage service, thousands of bottles of Ozarka. That is a TON of drinks to help meet the needs of families who are truly struggling this season. It is all about giving back! Love ReadyRefresh’s focus on keeping communities hydrated.

Here are just some of the ways we have used their beverages (and more) to give back.


17 Ways to Give Back to Your Community This Year

Place a joke in a kids library book. Bake cookies for shut-ins. Leave a drink in your mailbox for the mail delivery person.


Pack boxes of food for your local food bank.

Make a double dessert, give one to a friend.

Surprise a neighbor with a Santa Gift – Just leave it on their doorstep with a bow!


Participate in a canned food drive.

Meet the parents waiting in the bus line with Ozarka sparkling waters.

Next time you are getting coffee, order a breakfast pastry for the next person in line.

Make a movie kit for a friend – a movie, drinks & popcorn!


Write a message for a neighbor with chalk.

Make placemats for people who receive meals from the food bank.

Leave packs of popcorn on the movie machines.

Share a cute cat video – make the internet smile.

Bring a drink to the crossing guard near your kids’ school.


Make a Birdfeeder – help feed the birds through the winter.

Drop off sparkling waters and some chicken soup to someone who is sick.

Make an extra order from ReadyRefresh by Nestle beverage delivery and bring it to your local food bank.


ReadyRefresh helps keep you and your family’s hydration goals on track with a variety of options for everyone. Today, beverages account for 47% of added sugars in the U.S. American Diet and more than 13% of calories consumed per day. Replacing a single 12-ounce, 140-calorie sugar sweetened beverage with water each day for a year can cut more than 50,000 calories from one’s diet.

Why Use ReadyRefresh Beverage Delivery Service??

In a recent survey, by ReadyRefresh, more than half of respondents (52%) experience the Fear of Running Out (FORO) at least once a week. As your bottled water supply dwindles, you begin to hoard those last few bottles for your kids, your spouse, or even just a thirstier moment – especially during the holidays when your list of to-dos is longer than ever. This is known as the Fear of Running Out. Thirsty choices aren’t always smart choices, and a lack of healthy beverage options often means reaching for what’s available (which could be sugary sodas or juices), especially during the holiday season when eating and drinking habits can fluctuate. Avoid suffering from the FORO—stay stocked on the beverages your family deserves with ReadyRefresh. ReadyRefresh makes staying hydrated easy and convenient offering expanded delivery hours, flexible frequency options (choose weekly, biweekly, monthly, bimonthly, every 3 months or even one-time ordering) for any product delivered and increased communication (pre-delivery and post-delivery notifications).


Have you run out of essentials in the past??

Let us know – share times when you have experienced FORO, using hashtag #NoMoreFORO.

Want to learn more??

Sign up for ReadyRefresh today and receive up to $50 off your first order as well as free delivery! Follow them on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and their website for more information.

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of ReadyRefresh by ℠Nestlé®. The opinions and text are all mine.

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