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Headphones are everywhere these days. Most new phones come with their own headphones. We even get them for free on some airlines! And yet, people still spend hundreds of dollars on high quality headphones. Obviously, headphones can have a wide range of quality. So what can you do if you have a lower end pair of headphones giving you low sound quality? What if you just need your music a little louder? Do you want to learn how to make DIY noise-canceling headphones?

DIY noise cancelling head phones

Today we have a headphone fix that works WONDERS! It will improve the sound quality instantly! And it only takes a few minutes to do. Check out this video and learn how to do it in under 60 seconds:

How simple was that? DIY noise canceling headphones in just minutes! All that you need is a good pair of ear plugs, a knife and a nail. Pop the original ear buds off of your headphones. Snip the ends off of the ear plugs, then burrow a hole through the center of your earplugs with the sharp end of your nail. Squeeze them over your headphones so that the speaker is exposed, and there you go! Sit back and listen to some tunes. Or watch a show after the kids are asleep (we won’t tell!) Or, have your kiddos enjoy some educational apps on the tablet without everyone around them having to hear it! The noise cancellation focuses the sound so much better and the sound quality is greatly improved! Easy headphone hack!

One more great use is to swap out the earplugs between users! I remember sharing earbuds on the bus in school and being a little grossed out by my headphones going into other people’s inner ears. THIS is an easy fix for that! Earplugs are cheap enough to just throw out the “soiled” pair and make new!

We hope you enjoy this easy headphone hack, even if the technology companies won’t appreciate our DIY version of their best-sellers. 😉