Do you want to sweeten up your morning cup of coffee? These homemade coffee creamer recipes are just what you need! When you don’t have your favorite store brand on hand, it’s handy to know how to make a creamer to add to your daily cup of Joe. And you’ll find lots of yummy and popular flavors here like hazelnut, pumpkin spice, and so much more.

Everyone loves a good cup of coffee to wake them up in the morning. And if you don’t…I’m just not sure we can be friends. Okay, just kidding. Maybe. But, what do you do when you go to grab that delicious creamer from your fridge only to discover that you don’t have any! Or worse yet, you have some, but it is OLD! Don’t panic! We have got you covered with these amazingly delicious homemade coffee creamers. Who knows, you may like them so much you ditch the store-bought creamer!

Keep in mind – a coffee creamer is only as good as the cup of coffee that it creams! Make sure to use quality beans when brewing — whether it be with a moka pot, pour over, or phin — to get the best quality flavor. We recommend Vietnamese coffee from Cafely for those who prefer to awaken to boldness. For a lighter roast, check out their arabica and robusta blends of ground coffee.

15 homemade coffee creamer recipes

Best Coffee Creamer Recipes to Make at Home

I don’t know about you, but coffee is like life to me in the mornings. And judge me if you want, but I have got to have some of that sweet, sweet creamer in my morning cup! Mmm….But, have you ever woke up one morning to find that you have run out of your favorite creamer? When that happens you have one of four choices to make:

  1. Panic
  2. Drop everything and run out to Starbucks to get a cup of coffee
  3. Run to the store to get some ASAP
  4. Shrug your shoulders and go about your day as if nothing happened

Okay, we are kidding on that last one. Of course, you aren’t going to go an entire day without coffee! That would be ridiculous! Because you know that nothing is better than a warm cup of coffee to wake you up and help get you started for the day! If you want to be adventurous and try something new, then stick around and check out these amazingly delicious, homemade coffee creamers!

1. Coconut Mocha Creamer Recipe

Do you just love coconut? Do you love mocha? Then you will absolutely love this coconut Mocha Creamer! It will make your morning cup of coffee taste like a decadent dessert. Talk about starting the day off right!

2. Cinnamon Roll Creamer Recipe

Nothing says breakfast like cinnamon. Whether you are making cinnamon rolls, cinnamon toast, or cinnamon bread, it seems that cinnamon is a breakfast staple! So why not have it in your coffee? Try this cinnamon, vanilla, and brown sugar to make this cinnamon roll creamer taste like your favorite cinnamon buns! What could be better than that?

Picture of Cinnamon Roll Coffee Creamer and Cinnamon Buns

3. Pumpkin Spice Coffee Creamer Recipe

There is one flavor that is the staple of Autumn. You know which one I’m talking about! Pumpkin Spice. You know that Fall doesn’t officially start until you have indulged in some pumpkin spice coffee creamer. It has pure pumpkin puree in it along with the usual pumpkin spice flavors, so you know it’s bound to be delicious. Because “It’s pumpkin spice season y’all!”

4. S’Mores Coffee Creamer Recipe

Do you want to enjoy a hot cup of Joe around the campfire this Fall? Then why not make it a campfire-worthy cup? All you need to do is add this s’mores coffee creamer to give your coffee the flavors of marshmallow, chocolate, and a hint of graham cracker. Yummy! Grab a real s’more to have with it and you will be in Heaven! Are you drooling yet? I know I am!

5. Make Homemade Hazelnut Coffee Creamer

Here is a fan favorite and classic coffee creamer that almost everyone loves! All you need are only three ingredients to be able to make this delicious and sweet hazelnut coffee creamer anytime you want to jazz up your morning cup of joe. The nutty flavor is sure to please even the hardest of coffee creamer critics.

The only ingredients you need to make this sweet creamer are:

  • Half & Half
  • Pure Hazelnut Extract
  • Maple Syrup


6. How to Make Your Own French Vanilla Creamer

Here is another classic coffee creamer and one that every coffee lover should know how to make. This delightful french vanilla creamer is so good and easy to make that you might even become a little obsessed with it. Better yet? This version is fat-free! I say that makes this coffee creamer recipe a winner.

7. Peppermint Mocha Creamer Recipe

Just like pumpkin spice is the staple flavor for Fall, we just can’t have winter holidays without adding this peppermint mocha creamer to our list! This minty creamer will make your coffee taste just like Christmas in a cup! It’s a perfect companion for snuggling up watching the snowflakes fall. Try adding a candy cane or peppermint stick for an extra PUNCH of flavor!

Picture of peppermint mocha creamer

8. Homemade Gingerbread Coffee Creamer

Peppermint isn’t the only winter holiday flavor that everyone should have on their list. Another yummy winter option that you have to try is this gingerbread coffee creamer. While this recipe is vegan, you can use any milk of your choice to create your own version. It is also the perfect excuse to bake some gingerbread cookies to go along with your gingerbread coffee!

9. Cinnamon Maple Coffee Creamer Recipe

This rich and flavorful cinnamon maple coffee creamer is so sweet, that you won’t even need to add any extra sugar to your coffee. It is the perfect blend of heavenly flavors that will have you coming back for more. It even tastes amazing over ice if you prefer iced coffee!

10. DIY Caramel Vanilla Coffee Creamer

If coffee has never really been your thing (it literally took me years and a kid who never slept before I could like it), try this caramel vanilla coffee creamer. It is sure to make you a coffee lover! And the best part? A serving only adds 33 calories to your coffee!

Picture of bottle of homemade coffee creamer

11. Make Your Own Chocolate Almond Coffee Creamer

This all-natural chocolate almond coffee creamer gets its sweetness from pure maple syrup. The cocoa powder, almond, and vanilla extracts give this creamer its amazing flavor. You are sure to enjoy the delightful sweetness of this natural homemade coffee creamer.

12. Salted Caramel Mocha Creamer Recipe

Do you want to sweeten your coffee, but at the same time, not make it overly sweet? Then try adding salted caramel mocha creamer to your mug of coffee whenever you want that sweet and salty combo. It’s deliciously simple to make and easy to customize to your taste. It’s one of my favorite coffee creamer flavors!

13. Homemade Pumpkin Spice Coconut Oil Creamer

Have you tried a coconut oil-based creamer yet? It doesn’t cool down or water down your coffee, and you get the health benefits and a zing of energy from the coconut oil. This pumpkin spice coconut oil creamer is perfect for fall. You can even store it in the cupboard because it doesn’t need to be refrigerated! How awesome is that?

14. Cashew and Date Coffee Creamer Recipe

While this may seem like an odd combination, this cashew and date coffee creamer is not only really tasty, but it also has a lot of good-for-you nutrients! Adding this creamer to your coffee is sure to make you feel less guilty, especially if you are enjoying that second cup of coffee!  And did you know that it is also vegan and paleo-friendly?

homemade coffee creamers collage

15. Homemade Tres Leches Coffee Creamer

Are you looking for a coffee creamer that is easy to make with items already in your pantry? We have the perfect recipe! Just try this tres leches coffee creamer to jazz up your coffee! Not only is this creamer smooth and comforting, but this particular recipe is made with ingredients you probably already have on hand in your kitchen. Just a few simple ingredients will give you the perfect addition to your cuppa coffee!

Sweet and Simple Homemade Coffee Creamer Recipes for the Coffee Fanatic

I believe that we have established by now just how amazing we think coffee is for starting off your day! Heck, if you are a die-hard coffee fan, then you may end your day with a hot cup of Joe as well! Either way, you will find that these homemade coffee creamer recipes the perfect addition to add to your coffee cup! Whether you drink coffee because you love its amazingly rich flavor or like me, you’re forced to drink it to due to a sleepless child, these delicious tasting coffee creamer recipes are just the thing to add some sweetness to your day!

Even if you prefer black coffee (seriously, what’s wrong with you people!?), it is always fun to try something new. By having this array of recipes on hand, you will be sure to always have something new on hand to add to your daily cup of Joe (or at least for guests who like their coffee the right way, creamy and sweet). These creamer recipes will help you add some sweetness to your mornings (or evenings). Be sure to try one (or all!) of these amazingly simple and delicious homemade coffee creamer recipes. And don’t forget to share these with your equally addicted coffee fanatic friends and family!

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