Who wants to get up, get dressed, wrestle the kids out the door and work an 8-5 job!? I don’t! Read my story on how I became a work at home mom (<< It’s the best ever). With all hands down, there are much easier ways to make money right from your home without even getting out of your PJs. Who wants to work in their PJs? I know I am not the only mom out there!! Here are 8 jobs you can do from home in your PJs.

*Note:  I added affiliate links to courses I fully endorse. I have either benefitted from these courses, contributed to them, or hired people from them. Often getting started working at home can be daunting! Really! These courses help take the fear and guess work out of your journey to becoming a mom-preneur!**

Working mom at home

1 – Blogging.

If you love a topic, you can get paid as an influencer by sharing your love of a topic and associated brands. This blog, started in February 2015, now brings in 5 figures a month. You can become a blogger too!! Here is a post about our journey to blogging. Know that the first six months, you most likely will not be earning much – but the payout will come. AND you don’t need to learn all by yourself! Here is a course on how to begin as a blogger if you have never done any online work before! AND, if you are a blogger but are looking to go pro, to start making a full-time income off your blog, check out this course – BlogPreneur.

2 – Freelance Work.

Do you have a hidden talent? Are you a terrific photographer? Can you edit video? Do you love to read outloud? Can you design business cards or flyers?? All of these are talents you can put to use in freelance work (here is a free course that can help you structure your business the right way from the start). You can create music for the music libraries online, submit stock photos for people to buy and use, read outloud and make audio books, SO many other tasks! The possibilities are really endless.

3 – Virtual Assistant.

There are hundreds of bloggers out there ready to take your reviews, knowledge, and resources in writing. I (Rachel, owner of One Crazy House) began my venture into blogging as a content writer. The online world is full of various reads from thrifty shopping and deals to work from home and product reviews. If you want to start making money immediately, as your blog becomes established, start as a virtual assistant (this blog has 6 of them!!). This course on how to become a virtual assistant will give you all the training you need to get started and will pay for itself in one week (!!) of employment!!

reason to work from home

4 – Customer Service: You don’t have to work in a store to do customer service. In fact, you sit in your PJs right from home answering questions and answering phone calls. Places like LiveOps pays you to sit and work at home and provide customer service calls.

5 – Moderator: Sit on Facebook or another social media site all day. As a moderator, you will work on behalf of the client in their social media forums to engage with customers, answer questions and monitor feedback. Places like eModeration, ICUC, and LiveWorld set you up with clients so you can help maintain their social media appearance. Looking to work in community building??

6 – Social Media Promotion:  It is almost unbelievable, but you can make $15 an hour as a starting salary – and many sought after promoters earn $1000 or more each week – just trolling Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter. Sharing their favorite finds! While in their PJs!!

working at home job

7 – Remote Work: With the cost of employees increasing, the need for insurance, and benefits, businesses are struggling to stay afloat. Instead of hiring another employee, many BIG companies are seeking out contractors tp train to do jobs from home. Search remote office jobs on Indeed or Craigslist to find a slew of work from home jobs you can do right in your PJs.

8 – Personal Marketing:  We all know people who are sharing the latest diet gig, essential oils, skin care or another product, from their home and with parties online or in-person. If you think of yourself as a super out-going person this can be a great way to both supplement your income and enjoy products you love!

selfies are mandatory

In a world of technology and online versatilities, there is flexibility to even work in your PJs. If you are a self starter, motivated, and can be your own boss, becoming a work from home employee may be just what you are looking for; and the best way to stay in your PJs all day.

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