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Oy! This is what a dishwasher looks like if you have hard water and don’t clean it… ever. Gross! Thankfully, I came across this cleaning hack – you can easily wash your dishwasher and get rid of the scaly buildup with two common kitchen ingredients.


This is totally kid safe (not that we are advocating that your kids actually consume the ingredients).

Save money with this two ingredient DIY dishwasher cleaner.


How to Clean a Dishwasher:

1) Pour hot water down your sink and turn on the garbage disposal. Half the secret to a clean dishwasher is a clean garbage disposal so the dish water has a place to exit. You can use these garbage disposal cubes to help get that cleaned out!

2) If you have a food trap or filter, pull that out, empty it and try to get any of the bigger debris out of the dishwasher first.

3) Mix Coke/Pepsi or the generic equivalent with a packet of lemon koolaid. The Phosphoric and Citric Acid in the drinks will bubble and help break down the deposits from your hard water.

4) Get a scrub brush and lightly brush your soda mixture over the worst of the gross stuff. Then dump the whole thing, bottle and the Koolaid contents into the bottom of your empty dishwasher.

5) Turn your dishwasher on for a hot cycle. If you have a double rinse option add it.

6) With an absorbent towel wipe down the dishwasher after you have finished. This keeps new deposits from forming on the sides of your machine.

use soda to clean your dishwasher


There you have it – a fresh, clean dishwasher! All it took was a bottle of coke, a packet of Koolaide and an empty cycle on high heat.

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