If your kids are anything like mine, new shoes do not stay new-looking for long. The shoes (and the kids wearing the shoes) hit the ground running–literally. And who wants to discourage our kiddos from running and playing and learning through movement outside of the house? I certainly don’t! But I do want those shoes to look presentable enough to go into public every once in a while.

Restore old sneakers with this easy shoe hack!

Easiest Way to Clean Shoes

Alternately, we are a household that likes to pass shoes from kid to kid. Because those feet grow TOO FAST to buy new shoes for everyone after every growth spurt. But we can make them look like new, in between kids! We all need a shoe hack to help us with this very thing!

So how do we do this magic sneaker cleaning? I’m so glad you asked. Check out this video to see the magic in action.

How to Clean Your Shoes

Toothpaste–who knew it could be so useful outside of your mouth? Use a baking soda-based white toothpaste and scrub, scrub, scrub with a stiff brush! Those shoes will look as good as new in no time. And if you don’t have time to do all of the scrubbing yourself, this is a great job for the kids to help with!

How to clean old shoes

I especially love to be able to clean up perfectly good sneakers when we’re all done with them so that we can resell them! If you have a children’s resale shop in your area, they’ll pay top dollar for shined up shoes (they might turn their noses up to those dingy ones!) It is easy, simple and costs next to nothing to do it, and you’ll come out with more money from the resale.

So get those grass stains, dirt stains, any stains OFF of those shoes. You know the laundry machine will never you give you the results you’re hoping for. Toothpaste is your friend when it comes to white or light colored rubber soles. Get scrubbing, friends!



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