Oh pomegranate, you sour-y sweet thing. I know you’re a super fruit. That’s what everyone tells me. And there are oodles of studies showing that you reduce the risks of major health problems like heart disease and cancer. But you just don’t make it into my grocery cart often enough. Why? Because I look at you and I see work. I see a mess. And there are just too many easier-to-eat fruits to choose from the produce section.

But that ends today.

Because today, I have learned a hack that the whole world needs to know about so we can all enjoy the ridiculously long list of benefits that come from a pomegranate and yet, none of the mess.

I am so eating pomegranates regularly now that I know THIS hack!

So how do we do it? Watch and see the magically simple method that emptied out the pomegranate above in under a minute!

VIDEO: Fastest Way to Get Pomegranate Seeds Out

Want to see for yourself? I made a quick video to show you just how well this method works!

In words, you will want a big bowl with high sides. I would highly recommend placing that big bowl in the sink for some extra space in case that delicious, dark pom juice gets to flying. Also, don’t wear your favorite, light colored shirt while you do this either. I’m sure there’s a stain remover that can get it out, but better not to chance it! Moving on–cut your pomegranate in half, shake out whatever you can, and then commence whacking it on the backside with a wooden spoon. The juicy seeds fall right out.

I am so eating pomegranates regularly now that I know THIS hack!

I love to serve up pomegranate to my family in little bowls with spoons. They’re tempting to eat with your fingers, but the juice is not forgiving, especially when it has reached the hands of toddlers! It makes an excellent lunchbox side, giving kids (dads and moms, too!) a great boost of energy midway through the day.

If you enjoy the flavor of the pomegranate then there is no reason left to keep it off the weekly grocery list!

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