Appetizers help set your entertaining off on the right foot! If you are planning any parties or summer entertaining consider some of these tasty Italian appetizers. I have gathered 15 recipes that you guys might like to try! One of my favorites to whip up are toasted ravioli and you can never go wrong with a Caprese salad. If you need some help coming up with appetizers to serve your guest, this list below might help. Don’t stop there, here are also 17 more Italian appetizers to look over to whip up.

Quick and Easy Italian Appetizers to Feed a Crowd (1)


I know for us we entertain throughout the year, but summertime we do a lot more entertaining. With the kids out of school, warmer weather leads us to more time outdoors hosting summer barbeques, pool parties and more. I always like to have a few appetizers on hand, because when you are having fun and lose track of time, your tummy lets you know, especially with hungry kids around. With these Italian appetizers, I prep ahead of time and then simply pull them out of the fridge and they are ready to be served, easy and quick!

15 Savory Italian Appetizers

One savory and delicious appetizer is this authentic Italian tomato bruschetta, it is a great way to use up some fresh tomatoes from your garden and create a decadent appetizer to wow your guests.

If you are looking for an affordable option these apple polenta gorgonzola bites are a great option. You get that savory from the gorgonzola and a hint of sweet from that crisp apple.

You take Caprese salad and up the wow factor with this Caprese salad avocado toast. It is seriously one of my favorite Italian appetizers to make.

Italian Appetizers- Crostini with Fig and Prosciutto - Pass Me Some Tasty

These Crostini with Fig and Prosciutto are truly scrumptious down the last crumb. The crunch factor from the baguette is amazing and these take literally 15 minutes to make.

Or if you want to learn how to make an Italian Aperivito you can learn here. This is a platter full of fresh fruit, meats, cheese and more. A great way for guest to create their flavor pairings and it takes 15 minutes to make.

Another really easy appetizer is these 4 ingredient Caprese salad skewers. Tomato, fresh mozzarella, and basil and a vinegarette glaze.

Italian Appetizers- Stuffed Mushrooms - Know Your Produce

Stuffed mushrooms are always a huge party favorite! These stuffed mushrooms have breadcrumbs, cheese, garlic and more.

Here are some gluten-free breadstick dippers that you can serve up with a variety of sauces so you can give everyone a flavor combination they might want.

I love a good garlic bread, and this easy garlic bread toast is a very creative and tasty appetizer. Serve alone or with a marinara sauce for dipping and you have a simple appetizer.

IItalian Appetizers - talian Meatball and Pasta Sticks- With A Blast

Tasty Italian Appetizers to Spice Up Your Party

Italian meatball and pasta sticks are a really fun way to serve up an appetizer. They get all the components of a pasta dish without the heavy feeling after.

Take tomatoes and transform them into homemade oven-dried tomatoes. Use this to top your appetizers or serve as an appetizer as its own for tomato lovers.

These Italian tomato sandwiches are a perfect bite-size treat to serve up. You have a garlic parmesan spread with tomatoes and parsley on top.

Italian Appetizers - Eggplant Bruschetta - Platter Talk

Eggplant Bruschetta San Bread is another great one. You get to incorporate some vegetable into your appetizers and leaves guest reaching for seconds.

Looking for a pasta appetizer, check out this Copycat Olive Garden toasted ravioli. It gives you that crunch when you bite into a filled pasta that is perfect for dipping.

Italian Appetizers- Cheesy-Arancini...Italian-Rice-Balls - Girl In the Kitchen

Italian rice balls are crispy rice balls that are loaded with cheese and perfect for dipping. They are absolutely delicious, make sure to try these out.

Italian Appetizers

What is your all-time favorite appetizer?