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We’ve all been there, feeling like we’re dying while our little one is screaming for attention. What to do? Here are some tips on how to survive parenting while getting over a cold. And I promise, you WILL get through it!

When Mom's sick

    • First, keep your little one nearby. Instead of trudging up the stairs to put your kiddo down for a nap,  try putting him or her in a pack-and-play by the couch. This works best if you and your little one are the only two at home so there isn’t any extra noise to wake up you or your baby.
    • Stock up on bottled water and vitamin C infused drinks/drink mixes. Bottles with lids help to reduce the chance of spillage which is helpful if you’re relying on a kiddo to retrieve your beverages from the fridge.
    • DayQuil. I cannot say enough how much this stuff saves me when I’m sick! It helps me feel well enough to get the kids to school and take care of some necessary tasks around the house.
    • Don’t feel bad if you order out. When you’re sick it’s okay to not make dinner and have the hubby pick up takeout on his way home. You can’t ALWAYS be Supermom.
  • Wash your hands, wash your hands, wash your hands – this sink tip for kids will help. Often prevention is the best medicine.
  • Tea. Warm tea and honey are going to be your new best friends. Especially if you have a sore throat or congestion!
  • Soup or other easy-to-make lunch and snack food for you and your kiddos. Sometimes you just don’t have the energy to make “real food” and that’s perfectly fine. Cheerios and a sippy full of juice for your toddler will be just fine for now.
  • Stock up the essential oil diffuser. Put a few drops of “feel good” oils. They may not help you get over your illness faster, but they will help with odor, purifying the air and helping open the senses.

How to Feel Better when You are Sick

When all else fails, remember that tomorrow is another day and your cold won’t last forever. So, good luck and get well soon!