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We know you love makeup tricks and beauty hacks, so we’ve found some ah-mazing lipstick tricks that every girl needs to know. Not only will your lips be super kissable, but they’ll look softer, plumper and more colorful than ever!

Lipstick Tricks that are Better Than Kissable

Amazing Lipstick Hacks

Make crayon lipstick out of your kids’ old, broken crayons. So colorful!

Want a fuller pout? Try using contouring lipgloss. After a full month of use, the peptides and collagen building ingredients will help contour and firm your lips. The results are stunning!

Don’t trash your broken lipstick. Fix it with a lighter.

Apply concealer to the center of your lips before applying lipstick. This makes them look brighter and fuller.

Does  your lipstick look flaky or cakey? Exfoliate your lips before applying lipstick using this DIY lip scrub.

Want to rock red lipstick but can’t get it quite right? Try this application technique! (It works for any color, really.)

Lipstick tips and tricks

Tips for the Perfect Lip

Eliminate lipstick feathering with this easy peasy 6-step process.

Have that embarrassing dark line from your lipliner after your lipstick fades? Learn to blend it for all-day wear. It’ll look much more natural to boot!

Use a tissue and translucent powder to seal your lipstick.

If your lips look lifeless after applying a nude lipstick, try applying some liner to the inner lip for a flash of natural color.

During the course of the day, lipstick bleeds into the natural creases in your mouth. Sharpen the edges of your mouth by applying foundation around your lipstick to make it stay put.

Lipstick tips every girl needs to know

Lipstick Tricks You Need to Know

Draw an ‘X’ on your upper lip to accentuate or exaggerate your cupid’s bow.

Learn which drugstore lipsticks are perfect dupes of department store brands. Handy for us girls who are on a budget!

Keep lipstick off your teeth by popping a finger in your mouth and back out after applying your lipstick.

Turn any eyeshadow into lipstick by mixing it with a little gloss or mineral oil.

Turn any lipstick into a matte lipstick by patting translucent powder into the lips. The video below is a GREAT tutorial!

Our Favorite Lip Corrector:

You can get a more defined lip edge- making even naked lips more full and shapely with the help of contouring lipgloss. It takes a full 28 days (or the whole tube) to see more dramatic results, but you can see with this image how even after three days, there is noticable difference.

Stop threading before it happens with this stuff!

Contouring lipgloss--GAME CHANGER

After three days and nine applications of contouring lipgloss the edge of her lips are defined, there are fewer lines! This stuff is terrific! Get two tubes along with the famous no-bleach whitening toothpaste over at the Beauty Street!