With Summer fast approaching, finding the perfect hairstyle to keep you cool (and sane) is of the utmost importance. These easy bun hairstyles will have you cool and gorgeous all summer. We’ve already found our favorite ponytails for moms, but every woman needs a good bun or two in her arsenal. They can be dressed up for work, girls’ night, or date night and could easily become your go-to for a fancy evening.

Bun hairstyles can be totally casual and be worn around the house or running errands or completely messy and complete your poolside look. Whatever your reason, you’ll find the perfect, easy bun hairstyle.

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15 simple bun hairstyles for summer, collage of women with hair in buns

Easy Bun Hairstyles to Keep You Cool

1. Busy moms know that the top knot is the go-to hairstyle to stay cool on a hot hectic day.

This tutorial by a mom of two will teach you how to get a fluffy knot even if you don’t have a lot of hair. Sometimes shorter hair is actually a lot harder to stay cool in, so a great bun is the best. This mom shows just how to throw a bun hairstyle together in just about five minutes. She also points out that buns really hide the dead ends.

 Fluffy top knot, smiling woman with hair in a large top knot

2. Have a date but not a lot of time to fix your hair? Try this easy bun hairstyle.

This elegant bun only takes TWO minutes! You can spare a couple of minutes, can’t you? Even if you’re not in a hurry, this sweet and easy bun will give you a sweeping softness, and you can spend more time on make-up and trying to figure out what to wear.

 dark haired woman with a loose low twist

3. This easy bun hairstyle is a step up from a messy bun.

This low, easy braided bun can be done quickly, and you can totally change the look of it depending on how tightly or loosely you braid your hair before wrapping it into a bun.

Simply braid your hair first, make sure you go ahead and put an elastic at the end of the braid. Then wrap your bun from left to right. Use hairpins to anchor about every three inches. The looser the braid, and fewer pins will give you a more relaxed look. Likewise, tightening the braid, will require more pins and give you a more polished look.

 woman with blonde hair in a loose bun in the back

4. Create this easy bun hairstyle: Put your hair in two low messy buns for this easy fun and playful look.

You can even do this with short-medium-length hair. It’s not just for the long-haired gals! In fact, the shorter the hair the more it gives the casual playful flare. Start with a low pigtail. Roll and tuck the ends under the elastic bands. Just a couple of hairpins on each side should do the trick unless your hair is super heavy.

This is a great style for shorter hair with a bit of natural wave. And the good news? If your hair doesn’t have a bit of natural wave, when you take this down it will look like you have a great messy wave.

 blonde woman with two braided pigtail bun in the back

5. Small braids add pizzazz to this 3-minute easy bun hairstyle: the bubble bun.

This is another look that’s great for a night out. It’s a step down from a full-on updo, but it looks like you have it all together. One special hack for success in a bun like this is to be sure and start with damp hair. This one works great with medium-length hair and can give a look of long hair.

  • Start with damp hair or towel-dried hair.
  • With your head down make a ponytail on the top.
  • Band with a hair elastic.
  • Separate two strands and braid.
  • Sweep over into a bun.
  • Wrap the ends around the base and pin.

 back of a woman's hair up in an updo

Easy Bun Hairstyles to Keep You Elegant

6. These easy bun hairstyles start with a twisted top knot.

This one only looks like you put a lot of effort into it. Pull your hair in a high ponytail, then separate it into sections. Take each section and twist around each other. Then you can twist all those pieces into a high bun. Cute!

woman in a blue jean jacked wearing her hair on top of her head

7. Speaking of twists, this soft twist-wrapped bun hairstyle looks sweet and romantic.

Perfect to go with your summer dresses. This soft twist-wrapped hairstyle is a perfect choice for an outdoor summer wedding or an outdoor concert. The trick to this one is to separate the side sweeps, then move to work on the bun. So you are working with three sections. Work the back first then twist the sides.

easy bun for summer, side view of a woman with hair twisted into a bun

8. Try our easy bun hairstyles like a side bun.

Dress it up with a cute pin or two, or leave it casual for everyday wear. This is another easy low bun that is so cute and simple. The side sweep makes gives it a flowy elegance.

messy bun for summer, blonde woman with back twist

Once you learn to braid a whole new world of bun hairstyles opens.

9. This easy bun hairstyle will change your life. This double fishtail bun is gorgeous.

Okay, so this double fishtail bun takes a little more effort, but isn’t it worth it? Once you learn how to do a fishtail braid, though, it goes quickly. Promise! It’s the fishtail braid that makes this bun look carefree and fancy all at once.

easy bun ideas for summer, blonde woman's hair with a bun in the back
Double Fishtail Bun from Amber Filler Up

10. Have curly hair that gets frizzy in the summer heat and humidity? Try these easy bun hairstyles.

Try this curly twisted bun to tame it and keep cool. What better way to use those curls than to let them frame your face with this easy bun hairstyle. Don’t worry if the curls escape! That just adds to the charm of this bun.

  • Separate the top and bottom into two sections.
  • Then put the bottom section into a low twisted bun.
  • Secure with hairpins.
  • Divide the top section in two.
  • Twist each section and tuck it into the bottom bun.
  • Pin in place.

easy bun hairstyles for curly hair. brown curly hair in a bun

11. Here’s another easy bun hairstyle that can be dressy or casual: the chestnut bun.

It’s super simple and so elegant! If you can put your hair in a ponytail, you can create this versatile look in less than a minute. This one is perfect for a wedding, or you can dress it down in a pair of jeans and flats. Don’t worry if your hair won’t all stay up. The look of whisps that hang down can be curled for dressy or left alone for a more casual look.

 woman with brown hair looking over her shoulder, her hair is in a chestnut bun

The dirty little secret to a messy bun.

12. The best messy buns start with dirty hair.

Do you have a friend who always manages to get her hair into the perfect messy bun? The secret? Dirty hair! Seriously. The strands stay in sections better. Granted no one WANTS dirty hair. But isn’t it great to know that friend who looks like she has it all together with that perfect messy bun, is just really good at making the best of a to-busy-to-wash-my-hair day!

 Easy Bun Hairstyles back of a brown haired woman's head, with a messy bun

13. Don’t brush it! This easy bun hairstyle uses a sock and looks great without brushing.

A textured sock bun takes less than a minute to complete, so you’re never too busy for this one. But it looks so good. For a bigger bun use a larger sock. You can also use a fat hairband cut in half. This is a great style to use if you don’t have thick hair because it gives you a lot of lift and volume, by simply hiding the sock!

Easy bun hairstyles for the busiest mom on the go.

15 Easy Bun Hairstyles to Rock This Summer, brown haired woman wearing a textured sock bun

14. This easy bun hairstyle is a gorgeous updo messy bun.

Create this gorgeous girly look by looping and twisting your hair into a soft, messy bun. This clever lady shows you how to create three of her easy bun hairstyles in her signature looks.

These messy buns are as beautiful as can be. They don’t look like your everyday messy bun. Instead, they give a real touch of class to our every day!

looped messy bun side view of a blonde woman with her hair in a rolled bun

15. This low messy bun an easy bun hairstyle. We saved the best for last.

And finally, you can’t get any easier than this low messy bun. Add texturizing spray to your hair (if it’s thin or fine), loop it under, and pull out some pieces to make it look messy. You’re done!

These easy bun hairstyles can be adapted for just about anything life throws your way. Wear around the house, shopping, or to the beach. You can create your own signature style with a messy bun that fits your lifestyle. With so many to choose from finding the perfect bun is a breeze.

15 Easy Bun Hairstyles to Rock This Summer, side view of a blonde woman wearing her hair in a ponytail bun

Don’t worry, we know you are busy. But these easy bun hairstyles don’t have to take a long time or be super complicated (because who has time for complicated hairstyles?)
That is the beauty of a bun. It can be the piece that makes the look, either by dressing it up or down. But most importantly, a bun keeps your hair out of your way so you can enjoy the summer and look great while doing it. Poolside there’s no better look than a messy bun with great pair of sunglasses and a cool drink in your hand. Enjoy the summer, with these easy summer styles and look fabulous!

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15 simple bun hairstyles for summer, collage of women with hair in buns

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