Living the Van Life is seriously all the rage. Whether it’s because people are becoming more adventurous or are just looking for something new and exciting, the van life is making quite the mark on the world around us.

And honestly, the van life actually sounds…kinda cool, right? Living life in the fast lane while taking it slow…channeling your inner hippie…all those things are pretty much what the van life is all about.

Just in case you’re on the fence about joining in on the van life movement, here are some tips that you need to keep in mind for your potential transition!

Wondering all about the options for living the van life? These simple tips can help make that dream become a reality in no time at all! #livingthevanlife #campingvan #travelingtheworld #oncecrazyhouse

Dreaming of living the Van Life? You Need These Tips!

From an outside perspective looking in, the van life seems pretty great, right? You can move your “home” from place to place, have less of an area to keep up and literally walk out the front door and explore whatever surrounding you’ve settled in. Don’t get me wrong…that sounds amazing.

BUT, what if I told you there was more to the van life than that? It’s true…If you’re dreaming of that life, you need to hear these tips!

1. More and more cities are cracking down on the van life mentality

Cities don’t necessarily like the fact that people are living out of their van. What does this mean for those doing it? They’ll have to get more creative in making it continue to happen! Maybe talking to a local business who owns their property and seeing if they’d allow parking to be one on their property? It’s a thought…and it just may work!

2. Get creative about taking showers!

This is important and possibly overlooked by people making the change. Your van may not be set up for showers, so what will you do? Some people find local gyms to join for cheap and use that as their base to get clean while also working out. And while there might be some other options, it’s one thing that you’ll need to be creative about and plan for!

3. Plan like you are camping

No matter how far or NOT so far you are travel in van life, planning ahead can be part of the fun and make it a more authentic and stress-free experience. The $7 spent on the Camping planner is well worth it!!  Your sanity is worth it!!

4. Think about investing in solar panels to give you some electricity.

You can’t just leave your van running all the time to power up things and give you juice. Solar panels can be a great and simple addition to giving you access to electricity in your van.

5. Understand that your van space will get even more cramped when it’s raining

Sounds a bit odd, right? But just think about it for a moment. On days that it’s sunny and there’s not a worry of weather in the world, you can literally spend your days outside your van exploring all the wonders of the world. But when it’s raining? Your options suddenly become very, very limited. That space that was once your area to sleep in suddenly becomes the space that you’re functioning in for the day. And often times can take on a whole new feel.

6. The van life offers the chance to purge all your belongings with ease

Feeling a bit bogged down by all your “stuff”? Well, the van life doesn’t even give you options for bringing half of it with you. If you’re looking for a great way to purge, the van life can definitely force you in that direction!

Have fun trying to make the van life become your reality! As long as your following the rules of the city or town you’re living in, it can be a fun and creative lifestyle choice!

Have you ever considered living the van life?

Wondering all about the options for living the van life? These simple tips can help make that dream become a reality in no time at all! #livingthevanlife #campingvan #travelingtheworld #oncecrazyhouse

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