Does anyone else have a kid who loves apple slices, but isn’t into whole apples so much? There are a lot of kid-friendly things I refuse to do for my kids (like, my mom used to peel grapes for my brother. GRAPES), but sliced apples I kind of get. Because I am an adult in my right mind, and I, too, would rather eat an apple in slices than bite into that whole thing. It’s just messier. Juice gets on you chin. Sometimes it even hurts a little if you got the wrong angle and it hits your gums in a weird way. So, I sympathize.

But sliced apples are not an easy fruit to send in school lunch boxes. They usually turn brown from the oxygenation OR they have a slight taste of lemon juice you applied so they wouldn’t turn brown. It’s a real struggle, but I know my kids won’t eat a whole apple quite like they would a sliced apple. So where does that leave me? It leaves me using this lunchbox apple hack for the rest of my lunch-packing life!!

Video: How to Keep Apple Slices From Turning Brown

See for yourself how simple this hack is by watching this short video!

What can’t pipe cleaners do, am I right? Simply slice your apple in four lines about the core and then put it back together with a pipe cleaner! With the minimal exposure to oxygen, that apple will stay nearly perfect until lunch time. Munch away, kiddos!

The perfect lunchbox apple hack!

And thus, we will forevermore send our kids to school (and husband to work and our whole family to picnics) with pre-sliced apples held together by pipe cleaners. I can do this in a matter of seconds, and then I have a healthy, affordable, yummy and convenient snack for my family or myself to eat on the go. Pair it with a cheese stick, some nuts, or peanut butter to dip in for a protein kick to balance out the natural sugar intake! Happy apple-packing, Mama!

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