Pallets are all the rage right now, and for good reason. They are SO versatile and most of the time you can find them for free! They give you that weathered wood look that is so hard to replicate.  So, be on the lookout for pallets because we are going to show you 17 of the most fun DIY pallet wood projects we could find!

17 pallet ideas collage bike rack, bed, coffee table

DIY Pallet Ideas – Pallet Wood Projects

These diy pallet projects are great for inside or outside of the house. You don’t have to bust your budget-making over your home, these pallet and craft ideas will save you money while looking like a million bucks!

Got your pallets? Let’s get started! 17 DIY Pallet ideas and instructions you’ll love!

DIY pallet IDEAS collage building a PAITO

1. Wooden Pallet Ideas for Your Patio

Building or remaking your patio furniture with pallet furniture is a great idea.  You can easily do a Patio remodel and it’s not going to cost you much money.  If that is what your next project is then look no further. It’s hard to believe this flooring was made from pallets. The fact that you can have a large outdoor couch with a pallet coffee table, all handmade from pallets. That is a splendid idea. So rustic and so beautiful!  I love this idea so much!

Pallets turned into chairs for the deck

2. Make this Patio Furniture Out of Wooden Pallets

It’s not hard to make a Pallet wood chair – So much character in this pallet bench and chair. We just love that cushions and pillows are made out of burlap coffee bags. You could easily put a set together on a weekend and be sitting cocktails on your chairs in the evenings.  This simple design is easy to make and looks great.  Does it get any better than that?

DIY pallet ideas for a toddler bed

3.  DIY Pallet Ideas for Toddlers

It’s always so exciting when a toddler gets to graduate to a big kid bed.  But wouldn’t it be even more exciting if they got to help build it?  You can make your own toddler bed! It doesn’t have to cost a fortune to look great. Look at those pallet boards! This toddler bed has a rustic charm to it and even has storage underneath. There won’t be any rolling off the edge with pallet sides.  Under the bed is a great place for tiny tennis shoes.

DIY pallet ideas for garage storage

4. DIY Pallet Ideas for the Garage

Everyone always seems to be looking for better Garage Storage space. You always need a place for all the rakes and shovels in your garage. A pallet is a perfect solution. The best part? No additional work is needed!  Just lean a pallet bar up against a wall and put your tools in the slots.  Easy peasy!

DIY pallet ideas for nursery wall

5. DIY Pallet Ideas in the Nursery

Add warmth to your baby’s room by using a pallet to build a Nursery Accent Pallet Wall. It doesn’t have to be just for the nursery room.  You can take any room from drab to fab by adding a pallet accent wall. This wall is made entirely from broken-down free pallets. I’m in love with this wall. I love accent walls anyway but with pallets, it adds a beautiful rustic feel. There is so much character, you might want to add a pallet bookshelf!  Simply gorgeous.

DIY pallet ideas - kitchen island

Kitchen Pallet Projects

6. Make a Kitchen Island from Pallets

Do you need more counter space?  Drill some hooks and you can easily make a Pallet Kitchen Island.  This kitchen island is made entirely from pallets. It fills a lot of roles from storage, cutting board to cookbook holder, to pallet wine rack. It has so much character, and you can make it on the cheap!

DIY pallet ideas - knife holder

7. Display your Knives with Pallets

Seriously great idea for a Knife Rack. Have you been looking for a creative way to display your knives?  Knives are tricky because they are sharp.   They need to be somewhere accessible but also safe.  Nobody wants to cut any little fingers!  This knife rack is the perfect solution. You can free up counter space by ditching the knife block and making this rack for the price of a pack of magnets.  Brilliant!

DIY pallet ideas for flooring

8. Pallet Flooring

Oh my word, I love the look of pallets for flooring.  Have you seen Pallet Flooring? It’s beautiful.  If traditional hardwood flooring is outside of your budget then you definitely need to consider using reclaimed pallet wood. The tutorial in the link is terrific! A coat of varnish really brings out the character of this wood. Wow!  This looks stunning!  Get me some pallet slats now!

DIY pallet ideas - swimming pool

Outdoor Pallet Projects You Can Build

9. DIY Pallet Swimming Pool

Ok seriously.  Did you know that you can use pallets to Create Your Own Pool?  You will be in the coolest house in town!  All you need is gumption, a lot of pallets, and some super sturdy tarps! Can you believe it?! This one only cost $75 to make!!  The amount of fun that will be had is priceless!

DIY pallet ideas - reversible yard art

10.  DIY Pallet Porch Art

Decorate your front porch or backyard with reversible patio art. It is an adorable and really fun project. One-piece, two seasons! Scarecrow in the front, snowman in the back. This gem only takes 5 pieces of plywood!  This would be an excellent gift for someone on your list.  They will definitely appreciate the love you put into it. Perfect decorations for 2 whole seasons.  A win for everyone!

Book shelf DIY pallet idea

11. Make Shelves from Pallets

Holy cow, do these ever look neat!  Make your very own Pallet frame Shelving.  Prepare some screws and a hammer and just make three cuts to one pallet and viola!  I love how they stored pictures and frames on the shelves here. This piece could also be used for a bookshelf or a wine rack.  You could store reading material in the bathroom, or you can put cookbooks in the kitchen.  So many options for home decor!

DIY pallet ideas bike rack

12. DIY Bike Rack

Clean up the bikes all over the grass with a Pallet Bike Rack tray.  Are you tired of bikes laying in your yard? This pallet bike rack solves that problem quickly and easily! Personalize the slats with each of the names in your family and you’ll have a bike rack the kids love to use. A super easy pallet project! Think “personal parking spaces!”

DIY pallet ideas for a day bed

Beds Made From Wooden Pallets

13. Daybed made from Pallets

You can make a Pallet Day Bed or pallet sofa.  If you are a beginner, furniture is expensive but this one wouldn’t have to be.  And it looks great too!  This simple day bed design assembles in seconds. Look for any scrap wood or add an old door behind it for a headboard!  This would also be adorable seating in a small apartment.

DIY pallet bed

14. Make a Pallet Bed

Pallet Bed – A bed fit for a king (or queen!) This bed is as functional as it is beautiful. And the best part is that it wouldn’t cost much to make.  A little bit of elbow grease on the weekend and you have yourself an awesome bed.  The added storage using crates underneath makes this a winning design.

DIY pallet ideas book nook

Really Cool Pallet Ideas

15.  DIY Pallet Reading Nook

Look at this cozy corner to curl up in with your favorite book.  A Pallet desk or pallet table would be a hit with anyone.  We are in love with this reading nook made from pallets. Your little reader is sure to be inspired by this special spot.

DIY Pallet Ideas coat rack

16. Make a Coat Rack from Pallets

This colorful coat rack will brighten up any mudroom. Just add paint! These would also be great for a kid’s bedroom or in a bathroom towel rack. You could even use it in your own bedroom or living room to hang belts and purses. It is so simple and yet so perfect!  We love these unique ideas!

Pallet Ideas planter

17. DIY Pallet Ideas for a Planter

This pallet planter box or vertical planter would be such a cute addition to anyone’s garden.  You can plant flowers and make them into a flower bed pot. Or you could plant your favorite herbs.  It would easily double as an herb garden for the kitchen.  Either way, it will look like a masterpiece in your yard!

Are you ready to find some pallets yet?

You can get pallets free (or very cheap) from:

  • Craigslist or Facebook’s Marketplace. A lot of the time people just put them on the curb for free for you to pick up.
  • Local businesses, distribution centers and stores (e.g Garden and Hardware Stores, Motorcycle Shops, Home Improvement Stores). You will see them sitting out back of stores.  Pro Tip: Always ask the manager before you take them because they could be rented pallets and need to be returned.
  • New Businesses – When a new business opens in your area, that is a great time to find a lot of pallets too. They are often shipping in a lot of items and looking to get rid of pallets.
  • Nurseries and garden supply stores
  • Hardware and home improvement stores that are local, rather than nationally franchised
  • Stone yards
  • Construction sites

We just cant get enough of these DIY Pallet Ideas. The possibilities are endless. Just grab some pallets and a nail gun and have some fun. There’s something so gratifying about making things yourself. Go for it!  I hope these ideas help you create your unique living space with little money and effort! Do you have any additional pallet ideas you’d like to share? Send them to us or let us know on our Facebook page!

DIY pallet ideas collage - nursery wall, toddler bed, island, swim pool

More Easy Pallet Wood Projects From One Crazy House:

Which of these awesome pallet wood projects would you like to try this weekend? Let us know how it goes!

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