I love the month of December. Not only is it a time of year where the snow is falling and everyone overall just seems to be in a better mood, but it’s also a time where I know that Christmas is in the very, very near future. While everyone tends to put all their focus on Christmas during the month of December, did you know that there are actually some other really funny and interesting national holidays that you could be celebrating all month long? If you love to have a reason to hold a party, here are some of the funniest national holidays in December to celebrate!

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Fun National Holidays in December

Get ready to spend the month of December in full party mode!

December 1st – Nationa Eat Pie Day

Like I really need a national holiday to celebrate this…BUT, I’m all in for pie all day that day! I’ll have to choose my favorite, strawberry rhubarb.

December 2nd – National Mutt Day

Have a special pup in your life? Show ’em some love!

December 4th – National Cookie Day

I’m noticing a trend here with the food…but this is another national holiday that I am entirely supportive of! White Chocolate Chip Macadamia Nut for me. Learn the baking secrets to making perfect cookies every single time.

December 5th – International Ninja Day

If you’ve ever wanted to be a Ninja, now is your chance!

December 7th .- National Cotton Candy Day

Yes, please! I’d gladly channel my inner child and go back to that amazing treat! Check out our cotton candy mocktail gift exchange!

December 11th – National Noodle Ring Day

While it may not be time for a pool noodle, there is always something fun you can think of to use noodle rings for, right?

December 15th – National Cat Herder Day

Yes, this day has to right, right “meow!” Who doesn’t love cats? And to have your own holiday to celebrate? Purr-fect!

December 16th – Chocolate Covered Anything Day

Anything? Well, that may be a bit of a stretch but I’ll gladly eat some chocolate covered potato chips on this day.

December 18th – Answer the Phone Like Buddy the Elf Day

In my opinion, this day needs to happen every day, regardless.

December 24th – National Eggnog Day (also Christmas Eve!)

Eggnog is one of those drinks that you either love or you hate…my taste buds say “no, thank you”. What about yours?

December 25th – National Pumpkin Pie Day (also Christmas!)

Is it a coincidence that Pumpkin Pie Day happens to be shared with Christmas? I think not.

December 28th – National Card Playing Day

Snuggling up around the fireplace and playing cards sound just about perfect right now.

December 30th – Bacon Day

A whole day dedicated to Bacon! It’s a dream come true!

Who knew that there were so many awesome National Holidays during the month of December? While the majority of them tend to revolve around food, there’s plenty of fun options to jump in and experience! Who knows…you may find that you love celebrating these days so much that you carry the fun into the New Year as well. After all, looking forward to something new and exciting every day is pretty awesome!

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What is your favorite National Holiday in December?



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