Woohoo, summer’s here! It’s time to pull out the pool gear and get outside. It may be fun in the sun, but storing all that pool stuff is no picnic. Here are some genius pool storage tips from pool float storage to pool toy storage to pool towel storage – and everything in between to help you stay organized and maximize pool fun.

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My kids love to go swimming in the summer, and I love taking them because it burns so much energy and wears them out (that’s my goal every day!). Plus, they always have so much fun when they are swimming with each other or with friends.

The downside to summertime swimming is all the stuff – the towels, the pool toys, the floats, and the list goes on. I have spent summers with my house being taken over by pool gear. Well, no more! Whether you own your own pool or not, these pool storage tips will keep your pool gear from taking over your house.

Hide the clutter at your home, with these simple clutter storage hacks!

Essential Pool Storage Tips and Tricks You Need to Know

School’s out and summer is in full swing (at least temperature-wise), and that means more pool fun time for the family – yay! But before you dive in, here are some pool hacks and organization ideas to get your pool ready for cool summer activities.

Lay Out Under the Stars | Crafty Morning

Got an old kiddie pool? Make some fun memories by having them watch the stars come out in a makeshift backyard bed! It’s awesome pool fun without getting wet and another great use for your pool gear.

crafty morning beds

Pool Towel Storage Door | A Turtle’s Life For Me

At a loss for where to hang wet towels and bathing suits? Make your own pool towel door to keep by the pool. I love DIY projects that are both practical and cute.

pool towels and swim suits hanging on a repurposed door

DIY PVC Pool Towel Rack | Fabulously Frugal

For under $35 you can make a towel rack out of PVC pipe. It works brilliantly and saves a ton of space!

DIY pool towel storage and drying rack from PVC pipes with towels on it

DIY Floating Cooler | Instructables

Make your own floating cooler out of a plastic container and pool noodles for just a couple of bucks. So smart!

DIY floating cooler floating in a pool

Never Lose Sunscreen or Bug Spray | Catch My Party

Keep sunscreen and bug spray near the pool when you’re having a party in case your guests forget to bring their own. Put some extra beach towels out, too!

DIY sunscreen and bug spray holder for backyard gatherings

Protect Your Phone | One Good Thing

Put your phone in a plastic bag if you plan to keep it near the pool. The touchscreen will still work through the plastic, and you can rest easy knowing it’s protected from splashes.

Necklace That Keeps You Cool

Make a lei necklace to help keep you cool – once it’s made, all you need to do is dip pieces of sponges in water then put on the necklace to stay nice a cool. It feels amazing on a hot summer day.

girl wearing sponge lei

Efficient Pool Float Storage | Funky Junk Interiors

These poolside pallets are great for storing pool noodles and other swim toys. Pool storage couldn’t be any easier than this!

wood pallet leaning against a wall storing pool toys and supplies

DIY Storage Cabinet | Bliss Ranch

We love this cabinet makeover! What a great way to store extra beach towels and swim diapers.

DIY updated cabinet storing pool towels

DIY PVC Pipe Pool Toy Storage | DIY Average Joe

Create easy toy storage out of PVC pipes. Just make sure air can circulate to allow the toys to dry. It’s quick and easy and keeps your storage space clutter-free.

DIY PVC pool toy storage crate full of pull toys

DIY Pool Towel Storage | Kitchen Fun With My 3 Sons

Keep pool noodles organized along with your drying towels! This organizer was made from a pallet! What a genius pallet hack!

pallet pool hack

Laundry Hamper Pool Toy Storage | Organize Your Stuff Now

Not great with DIY projects? No problem. A simple laundry hamper works well for keeping toys organized, too.

child looking through laundry hamper holding pool noodles and pool toys

Must-Have Pool Fun Tips and Tricks

Here are some brilliant ideas for making time in the pool even more fun.

Fun Pool Games | Kids Activities Blog

If you go swimming often, your kids may reach a point where (shockingly) it becomes boring. Bring water balloons and other play items to the pool for more pool fun. They are a blast as they seem to move weightlessly through the water!

DIY Pool Float | The Country Chic Cottage

Kids will love this DIY pool float, and you’ll love how easy it is to make. Tip: you might want to make more than one…or everyone will be fighting over who gets to use it!

Pool Luminaries | Create Craft Love

Add lighting for night time swimming with these DIY pool noodle luminaries. It creates fun nighttime lighting.

DIY poolside luminaries in a row

Glow in the Dark Swimming | Active Dark

Another way to add some lighting is to simply toss glow sticks into the pool. Kids will love it!

DIY Beach Towel Bag | DIY Enthusiasts

Whether you’re in your own pool or going to your local pool for a swim, this DIY beach towel bag is pure genius. Everything you need for swimming or lounging poolside is right there! It’s great for the beach, too.

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beach towel and pillow combo lying on grass

DIY Summer Beach Robe | While They Snooze

Create a wearable bath towel! This hoodie isn’t just adorable – it is also 100% functional.

beach towel hoodie

Mermaid Tails | Kids Activities

Ok, mermaid tails may not be a pool hack, but let’s just say they were one of the best investments we made into our daughter’s summer. This thing was in tatters by the end of the year and she still talks about “the tail”. This is a fully swimmable mermaid tail and fin.

get a mermaid tails to swim in

Poolside Popsicles

Instant Popsicles!  Your poolside fun just became significantly more fun with this instant popsicle maker. Since this maker makes pops in mere minutes, all you have to do is fill it, plug it in, swim, and come back for a tasty pool-side treat.


DIY Pool Noodle Lightsabers | Kids Activities Blog

Create lightsabers for an epic battle with pool noodles. Or use them for making apple stamps (or pumpkin stamps) for fall!

kab lightsabers

From DIY pool towel storage to cool ways to light up the pool, your outdoor activities just got a lot more fun! These genius pool storage tips are a welcome site for moms, too!

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