Looking for awesome outdoor activities that anyone can do? You’re in for a treat! I don’t know about you, but once I see that first snowflake in the air, I tend to think that my time outdoors is done. It’s not that I don’t like winter…I do. It’s just that in the past, I didn’t think outside the box of all the fun and awesome outdoor activities that were available.

  winter activitiesThat was…until I had children. Now that I have kids, the white snow outdoors is like a beautiful blank canvas! It’s nothing to spend hours upon hours playing outdoors together. Just because it snows doesn’t mean that you have to sit on the couch! Here are some awesome outdoor activities to play in the snow!

Even More Winter Activities

Creative Outdoor Activities To Enjoy This Winter

The best part? All these outdoor activities are perfect for kids and adults!


Tag in the snow is so much fun…and quite the workout, too! The deeper the snow, the harder the game, but if you and your littles want to run around outside, no amount of snow can stop you!

Hide and Seek

It can get a little tricky when everything is covered white from snow, but it’s still possible to get out and play a riveting game of hide and seek.

Snowball War

Aren’t snowballs awesome? Well..maybe if you aren’t the one getting pelted by them. But, if you have a good arm and quick hands for making them, you may be declared the snowball war king/queen!

Freezing Frisbee

Don’t let that frisbee just sit on the shelf all winter long! Take it out and give it some love! It’s never too cold to play a riveting game of frisbee!

Outdoor Restaurant

Everyone loves snowcones and frozen pizza pie, right? Let your inner child run free by creating your own outdoor food fun! While every plate may just be “snow”, it’s easy to use your imagination to make it be whatever food option you want!

Art Class

If you’ve never painted the snow, you are missing out! Make certain to have some eco-friendly, non-toxic paint and have fun creating a beautiful mosaic in your front yard. The white snow is the perfect background to making your artwork really “pop”!


C’mon…you can’t forget about sledding! It’s one of the best and MOST fun outdoor activities to do during the winter! Find a hill, and enjoy the ride going down! The worst part about sledding? Having to walk all the way back up to just slide down again!

Piggyback Race

Be careful on this one…but if your yard is ice-free, having a fun piggyback race can be a really good time! Just hop on the back of your partner, and race to the other side of the yard. Remember, the first team to get there wins! Always be careful and make certain you are safe!

Have fun this winter and get outside and enjoy the fun winter weather! It only lasts a few months so make certain to play in the snow any chance you get!

winter activities to play in the snow

What outdoor activities do you like to play in the snow?









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