Check out these awesome snow games for kids to play this winter! Breathe in the chilly air and play with snow in fun and creative ways. It’s almost that time of the year…the snow will soon start to fall and blanket everything in white. Depending on where you live in the world, you may get more snow than others. And isn’t snow a wonderful sight? The great part about winter is that it’s so much fun to play in the snow! Even though the cold weather may deter many people from going outside and playing in it, every time you pass up the winter fun, you’re taking the chance that you’re going to miss out on one of the final snows of the year! The next time it snows, get outside and enjoy some of these fun games to play in the snow!

snow games

Warm up with some of these tasty recipes and treats to warm you up after a fun time playing in the snow! If you love to play in the snow, these are some fun games for you to enjoy! Check out this easy taco soup, the whole family will go crazy over it. Plus search these 21 hot chocolate recipes to have waiting for when you come inside to sip on.

Snow Games Kids Will Love

Hide and Seek

Don’t laugh, it’s absolutely possible to play hide and seek in the snow! Especially if you have an abundance of snow, forts can be built to hide in and around with ease! The more snow you have, the better you can find places to hide! Don’t forget about all the fun trees and other items that work perfectly for winter hide and seek as well.

Snowball fight

Everyone loves a good snowball fight, right? If you have good aim and a good arm, you stand a real chance of winning! Some people like to make a bunch and rapid-fire throw while others prefer to make and throw as quick as possible. To each their own for what works best for each one individually!

Don’t step out of the footsteps

Have you ever tried to stay in the footsteps of the person in front of you? If not, it’s hard to do so! Make it a jumping game from footstep to footstep and see who can stay in without falling out. The first person that makes a new footprint in the snow loses. But the good part? You can always start again and again!

Snow Angels

Who can make the biggest snow angels? Who can last making the most snow angels? Those are all valid questions that need answers when it comes to super fun snow games! Everyone can make snow angels, but who can do it the best? And if you are making them with your friends and family, making a snow angel family together is so much fun!

Finding fun games in the snow isn’t really all that hard to do. Think of games that you and your family love to play now, and then just add the surrounding snow to it. Literally, any outdoor games that you love now, you can play in the snow. Soccer may be a bit difficult…but still 100% doable! Have fun with the snow when it falls because it melts fast and won’t be around for that long! And isn’t it true that playing in the snow makes everyone involved happy as well? Beat the cold and get outside and play!

snow play

What games do you love to play in the snow?


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