If you’re looking for tips to organize your kitchen, get in line. The kitchen is the one area of the home where everything tends to just pile up!

From dishes to paperwork, the kitchen area tends to be a “catch all” for everything..and honestly, it’s exhausting. Instead of cluttering up your cabinets and your counter, it’s time to take charge of that space. These quick and easy tips to organize your kitchen can be done by anyone and everyone.

Get ready to give your kitchen the facelift that it needs!

Quick and Easy Tips to Organize Your Kitchen

Here’s the deal…the kitchen is already overwhelming to me on its own before you start adding in all the clutter.

But when you add in dirty dishes, leftover food, homework, bills and anything else that people have dumped out of their pockets onto the counter, that space is suddenly very, very cluttered.

The good news? There are simple tips that you can do to organize your kitchen and get it presentation ready.

Start by throwing out anything expired

You laugh, but look at some of the labels on our canned food…more than likely, you’ve got some stuff hiding in your shelves that were dated from last month, or possibly even last year.

Dump them, trash them, do whatever you need to do. Out with the old to make space for the new.

Create a no clutter space in your kitchen

Make certain that your family knows that nothing but food belongs on the kitchen counters. No homework, no bills, no purses or book bags…nothing. The only thing that needs to be in the kitchen is the serving ware and the food.

Print off your own DIY Pantry Labels to stay organized

If you have containers in your pantry, you need labels to keep them organized. Printing off some simple DIY Pantry Labels is a great way to know exactly what you have and what you’re running low on.

Don’t forget the space underneath your sink

The sink is such a big space that you need to take advantage of! There is so much wasted space there that people don’t even think of using.

And while this tip is great, here are some other great kitchen tidy tips to check out as well!

Use awkward spaces to your advantage

You don’t always have control of how your kitchen was designed before you lived there…and when that happens, you have to take advantage of all the nooks and crannies that you can.

If you have an imperfection or something that you want to hide, place a basket in front of it that you can also double up and use as storage.

kitchen 3

See how simple it can be to organize your kitchen? You just need to make certain that you keep it decluttered and only have items in that space that need to be in that space. Once you get those simple tips down, the rest is a real breeze!

Do you have any tips for how to organize a kitchen?

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  1. I am always looking for ways to organize my kitchen. These are some simple kitchen tips to help along the way. Keeping the counters clutter free has been the best tip I’ve used. The cabinets and such may still be cluttered, but at least it’s hidden, lol! I need to better utilize my space, for sure!