Why does Girl Scout cookie season ever have to end? If you want to enjoy your favorite cookies (Samoas, of course) all year long, try these totally droolworthy Samoa inspired desserts on for size. Caramel, chocolate, coconut, shortbread… you really can’t lose with those ingredients! Any of these recipes are sure to satisfy that aching sweet tooth.

18 Droolworthy Samoa Inspired Desserts

Samoa Recipes Inspired by Your Favorite Girl Scout Cookie

Let’s kick it off with a copycat version of your favorite Girl Scout cookies! You can enjoy them all year long now.

samoa recipes 8


Wow! This Samoa Sheet Cake is topped with a caramel glaze frosting, toasted coconut and melted chocolate. I’m in love.

samoa recipes 1


A Samoa Dessert Lasagna is just what you need at the end of a long day. It’s so decadent — coconut shortbread, chocolate cream cheese, caramel pudding and more — what’s not to love?

samoa recipes 2


Looking for a no-bake cake that will knock your socks off? Look no further than this Samoa Ice Cream Cake. It’s a frozen slice of heaven.

samoa recipes 3


Perhaps these Samoa Cupcakes can help you exercise a little self-control over these Samoa-inspired desserts. Or not. Anyone else want half a dozen pronto?

samoa recipes 4


For a super easy weeknight dessert, try this Samoa Cheesecake. It requires only 4 ingredients, so you can pull it together quickly.

samoa recipes 5


How about a monkey bread version of your favorite cookie? It’s so sticky and sweet!

samoa recipes 6


Samoa No Bake Cereal Bars are an excellent after-school treat for the kids.

samoa recipes 7


Turn rice cakes into a yum-worthy treat for you and the kids. These Samoa Rice Cakes are topped with chocolate hazelnut spread, caramel syrup and lots of shredded coconut.

samoa recipes 9


Want to make a dip that will wow your guests? You can’t go wrong with Samoa S’mores Dip. Serve with a huge stack of graham crackers and you’ll be the MVP of the party.

samoa recipes 10


Or how about some bite-sized Samoa Truffles to give as a gift? I know I’d love you forever if you gave me a batch of these!

samoa recipes 11


These Mini Baked Samoa Donuts look easy to make. We love that they use those rich, creamy wrapped caramel candies. Bliss!

samoa recipes 12


If you have some leftover Samoas (is that even possible?!), use them to make this thick, creamy Samoa Cookie Milkshake.

samoa recipes 13


Get a kick of caffeine and satisfy your sweet tooth at the same time with a yummy, syrupy Samoa Latte.

samoa recipes 14


Or make these Samoa Martinis for a girls’ night. Sweet and boozy? Yes, please!

samoa recipes 15


Summer just got 10 times better with this Frozen Samoa Pie. It’s totally drool-worthy!

samoa recipes 16


Some No-Churn Samoa Cookies Ice Cream will certainly cool you off, too. You have to try the homemade caramel in this recipe!

samoa recipes 18


My absolute favorite sweet is brownies… any type of brownies. But these Samoa Brownies? Well, I can’t think of anything better!

samoa recipes 17


Samoa Cookie Inspired Recipes

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