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You’re racking your brain over senior picture ideas for girls because it seems like only yesterday that your daughter was sporting pigtails and a tiny little backpack as she started her first day of school, and now she’s a senior. Go ahead… wipe your eyes. You’ve watched her blossom into an amazing young woman with incredible and unique talents and abilities.

Now it’s time to celebrate that as one chapter of her life ends and a new, exciting one begins. As you are preparing for her senior photo shoot, you want to make sure that you find those poses and backdrops that will highlight not only the physical beauty of your daughter but her inner beauty as well.

Photo collage of girl holding up baby photo, happy girl in a stream, smiling girl on a swing, cheerleader standing between 2 buses with pompoms in both hands, 2-photo collage of 2 different poses of girl in jersey, girl's feet in heel and cleat stepping on tennis ball with 2016 written on it, girl lying on sidewalk with her name and year written on sidewalk.

Stunning senior photo ideas for girls

So we’ve put together a list of 23 stunning senior picture ideas for girls that we know you’re both going to love. Whether your daughter is a bookworm, an athlete, or just your all-around great girl, you’ll find several ideas to inspire your photoshoot. We have a list of senior picture ideas for guys, too!

Stunning Senior Picture Ideas For Girls

1. Tassels Anyone? A Creative Senior Picture Idea For Girls

Have your daughter lay down in the grass while wearing high heels. She’ll then pose with her feet in the air while you hang the tassel from the graduation cap off her high heel. Snap away and you’re on your way to having such a cute senior picture idea for your girl to display her graduation year.

tassel on heel on girl's foot

2. Creative Chalked Sidewalk Senior Picture Idea Pose For Girls

Chances are, she won’t have another good memory of old school besides, maybe, prom night. How about creating good school memories by taking her senior pictures on the school grounds on an empty sidewalk? Sneak in the graduation year with some gorgeous fall leaves. Have someone also throw them up in the air for a fun, exciting picture.

girl seated on road with fall leaves spelling the year 2014 in numbers

3. Another Trendy Outdoor Senior Picture Idea For Girls

You’ve probably racked your brain on props and senior picture ideas that your daughter will also have fun with. Get pics of your daughter in different poses with different numbers of her graduation year and snap away. Select the best pictures for each pose and combine them all into one image. Trust me, both of you are in for so much fun with this senior photo idea!

girl in 4 different poses holding up 4 different numbers

4. Cool Sidewalk Chalk Photo For Senior Picture Idea For Girls

You often see the sidewalk chalk picture idea with little kids, but it’s a great idea for seniors, too. Your daughter is still your kid no matter how tall she is right now. Ask her to chalk down her name and graduation year on the sidewalk, and then lie down for the pose. I’m pretty sure you’ll be back here to tell me how much fun both of you had with this senior picture idea for girls!

Senior picture ideas for girls - girl lying on sidewalk with her name and graduation year inscribed on sidewalk

5. That’s Right, I’m Done! Another Fabulous Senior Picture Idea For Girls

Here’s another fab senior picture idea your daughter should have fun with. She’s probably over senior school and what better way than to capture that feeling with a photo. Take a picture of your daughter in front of the school with an “I’m done” sign to commemorate finishing such an important chapter in life.

senior picture ideas for girls - girl in pink dress facing away from camera and holding chalkboard sign behind her in left hand written 'Alright y'all, I'M DONE!' while her right hand is held up in a victory sign

6. Every School Kid’s Fave Senior Picture Idea For Girls

This probably will be among the easiest senior picture idea you’ll have your daughter pose for. You’ll never go wrong asking a kid to wear a cool jacket and denim. Have your daughter take several poses while you snap away, and here are a few poses she could borrow from this girl who’s posing to show off the Letterman jacket.

Senior picture ideas for girls - girl in letterman jacket in 4 different oses

7. Simple Outdoor Senior Photo Idea For Girls

For this you’ll need:

  • An old railway track
  • Big number balloons

Using the old railway track as your backdrop, grab some big number mylar balloons with the last 2 digits of her graduation year and have your daughter pose with them. Get number balloons here for less than $10. This fun senior picture idea won’t have both of you trying too hard to capture those precious memories.

senior picture ideas for girls - girl standing on railtrack holding up 2 number-shaped balloons in her hands

8. Best Athlete? Different Senior Picture Idea for Girls

Whether your daughter was an athlete or not, here’s another unique senior picture idea for your girl. Take a few shots of her in a jersey or team shirt with the ball. We love this one of a ball being tossed in the air while she’s lying down though you’re both not limited to the poses she can take.

senior picture ideas for girls - girl lying down on her back and while throwing up a volleyball

9. Senior Cheerleader? The Coolest Photo Idea Yet For Girls!

There’s a lot of cheering going on as kids finish their senior year so why not incorporate that into a senior picture idea for your girl. I’ve seen a bunch of cute cheerleader shots, but this one between the two school buses is definitely my favorite. Your daughter doesn’t have to try too hard to pose. All she needs is to hold up pompoms while standing in-between the buses and look into the camera.

senior picture ideas for girls - cheerleader holding pompoms in her hands while standing between 2 buses

10. Happy Memories Lane – Cute Senior Photo Idea For Girls

Nothing is a sweeter memory for parents than remembering pushing their little girl on the swing. Relieve those memories by getting your daughter on the swings at a local playground. Good thing her feet now touch the ground and she’ll soon be swinging while happily laughing as you snap away.

senior picture ideas for girls - smiling girl on swing

11. Senior Picture Idea For Your Sporty Girl

If your girl was involved in sports, this will be an easy senior picture idea for both of you. Have your kid lay out all her jerseys and sports equipment and take those poses that come so natural to her while you’re clicking away on the camera.

senior picture ideas for girls - 2-photo collage of girl seated down with an assortment of sports jerseys

12. Senior Photo Ideas For Graduation Girl And Her BFF

There’s that friend your daughter started school with and will also be there for their graduation. Why not capture those priceless memories, especially if they’re BFFs? Here’s a sweet best friend pose with their graduation caps and gowns.

senior picture ideas for girls - 2 girls casually adorned in graduation caps and gowns facing away from the camera

13. At The Beach? – Simplest Senior Picture Idea Ever! Your Girl Will Love It.

This goes down as the simplest and most effortless senior picture idea that you’ll come across. If you live near a beach, get your daughter drawing her graduation year in the sand with her toes. Yup. That’s all that’s needed. No makeup, cute dress, heels, or any special effects. Just her toes in the sand and you snapping away!

senior picture ideas for girls - girl on beach writing in the sand with her toes

14. Best In Both Worlds – The Best Senior Picture Idea For Your Girl

This next senior picture idea for girls will blow both your minds! Your daughter has been the best off and on the pitch. You’ve noticed, congratulated her, and to make sure she never forgets, capture a similar shot of her in a high heel on one foot and a cleat on the other. Priceless!

senior picture ideas for girls - girl's feet in high heel and cleat

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15. River’s Fun! Another Senior Picture Idea For Girls

Your daughter is probably by now a mixed bag of emotions. Why not arrange for her senior photo in a river? Help her get relaxed and calm while you create and capture beautiful senior year memories. She shouldn’t be afraid to get into the water for a fun pose in a pretty dress.

senior picture ideas for girls - happy girl in water

16. BubbleGum Wins For A Fun Senior Picture Idea For Girls

We hardly seem to be successful in separating our teens and bubblegum. Why not use this opportunity to give us a fun and easy senior picture idea for your girl? There’s no doubt that this bubblegum photo is so much fun when paired with the graduation year.

senior picture ideas for girls - girl blowing up bubble gum, with the blown-up bubble gum serving as number zero to spell 2013

17. The Best Senior Picture Idea For Nerdy Girls

There’s always this kid whose idea of fun is books and spending time amongst more books. This is probably the only way you’ll get your bookworm daughter out for something fun. Take a photo of her with her favorite book (or books) for her senior picture.

senior picture ideas for girls - upper-half body shot of girl lying down with open book partially covering her face from the nose downwards

18. The Coolest Keepsake Senior Photo Idea For Your Girl!

This might be her least favorite idea to create senior pictures but it’ll be one that your daughter will treasure someday. Have her holding a garland of her childhood photos to show how much she’s grown. Don’t worry if she pulls a grumpy face. This will be among her most treasured senior photo in a few years!

senior picture ideas for girls - woman holding up a garland of growth progression photos

19. Little Baby Now Grown Up – Senior Picture Idea For Your Girl

What’s not to love about our baby photos? Your daughter is no different and will gladly hold up a single large baby photo. Isn’t that just precious?

senior picture ideas for girls - girl posing while holding baby photo in front of her

20. Wearing A Class Ring? Take This Senior Photo Idea For Your Girl Before It’s No Longer Cool

This will probably be the last year she wears this piece of jewelry. Why not bring it out and create some memories with a little photo shoot for her senior picture? Oh, and don’t forget a close-up to show off the class ring. This example of the hand by the face is so sweet.

senior picture ideas for girls - 7-photo collage of girl in different poses showing off ring

21. An Instrumental Senior Photo Idea That Girls Will Love

For your shy musician girl, here’s another senior picture idea that she’ll love. Use her musical instruments as props and watch all her inhibitions drop once she’s holding her favorite instrument. Also, don’t forget a shot of her instrument or that classic instrument shot with the class ring.

musical instrument placed in the grass with a ring placed on top it it

22. Fiery Play In Senior Picture Ideas For Girls

Bring in some beautiful fun and excitement while creating senior photos by lighting up the dark night with a sparkler. Have your daughter spell out her name or do the graduation year and then combine them into one memorable image.

girl holding lit sparkler in the dark

24. Hoping For Different Senior Picture Ideas For The Girls? Nature It Is!

Take a trip with your daughter into the green jungle and if you can find a tree with a cool interesting shape, a shot like this is a must! It’s so flattering!

girl lying in a tree facing camera

You want your girl to look back at her school days with pride, remembering all the amazing opportunities she had and friends she made along the way, and senior pictures are the perfect way to do that. Use these ideas, or let them inspire you to make sure your daughter shines like the jewel she is. Which ideas best capture your daughter’s personality?

collage of gorgeous senior picture ideas for girls

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