It seems like only yesterday that she was sporting pigtails and a tiny little backpack as she started her first day of school, and now she’s a senior. Go ahead… wipe your eyes. You’ve watched her blossom into an amazing young woman with incredible and unique talents and abilities. Now it’s time to celebrate that as one chapter of her life ends and a new, exciting one begins. As you are preparing for her senior photo shoot, you want to make sure that you find those poses and backdrops that will highlight the not only the physical beauty of you daughter, but her inner beauty as well. So we’ve put together a list of 23 stunning senior picture ideas for girls that we know you’re going to love. Whether you daughter is a bookworm, an athlete or just your all-around great girl, you’ll find several ideas to inspire your photo shoot. We have a list of senior picture ideas for guys, too!

23 Gorgeous Senior Photo Ideas for Girls

Stunning Senior Photo Ideas for Girls

Hang the tassel from the graduation cap off your high heel. That’s such a cute way to display the graduation year.

tassel on high heel


Or sneak the graduation year in with some gorgeous fall leaves. You can then throw them up in the air for a fun, exciting picture.

graduation year fall leaves


Get pics of your daughter in different poses with different numbers of her graduation year. Combine them all into one images. So fun!

Graduation Year Senior Picture Idea


You often see the sidewalk chalk picture idea with little kids, but it’s a great idea for seniors, too. Let your kid draw his/her name and graduation year, and then lie down for the pose.

sidewalk chalk picture idea


Take a picture in front of the school with an “I’m done” sign to commemorate finishing such an important chapter in life.

im done pose


Here are several poses to show off the Letterman jacket.

letterman jacket poses


Grab some big number mylar balloons to pose with the graduation year. Get the number balloons here (affiliate).

graduation year balloons


For the athlete, take a few shots in a jersey or team shirt with the ball. We love this one of the ball being tossed in the air while she’s lying down.

volleyball pose


I’ve seen a lot of cheerleader shots, but this one between the two school buses is definitely my favorite.

cheerleader picture


Get on the swings at a local playground. Nothing is a sweeter memory for parents than remembering pushing their little girl on the swing.

just a swingin


If you’re involved in several sports, lay out all your jerseys and sports equipment.

sports jerseys


Here’s a sweet best friend pose with the graduation caps and gowns.

best friend graduation pose


If you live near a beach, get your toes in the sand (and your graduation year, too)!

toes in the sand


You’ll love this shot of a high heel on one foot and a cleat on the other.

high heels and cleats


Don’t be afraid to get in the water for a fun pose in a pretty dress.

get in the water


Isn’t this bubblegum photo fun when paired with the graduation year?

bubblegum photo


Bookworms, this idea is for you! Take a photo with your favorite book (or books) during your photo shoot.

bookworm photo idea


Show how much you’ve grown. Include some of your childhood photos in one of your pictures. It’ll be one that your family will treasure.

show how much shes grown


Or just hold a single large baby photo. Isn’t that precious?

baby picture senior photo


Don’t forget a close-up to show off the class ring. This example of the hand by the face is so sweet.

show off the class ring


For the musicians, don’t forget a shot of you with your instrument or an instrument shot with the class ring.

senior band picture


Light things up with a sparkler. You could even spell out your name or do the graduation year and combine them into one image.

sparkler senior photo


And if you can find a tree with a cool shape, a shot like this is a must! It’s so flattering!

sitting in a tree


Gorgeous Senior Picture Ideas for GirlsYou want your girl to look back at her school days with pride, remembering all the amazing opportunities she had and friends she made along the way, and senior pictures are the perfect way to do that. Use these ideas , or let them inspire you to make sure your daughter shines like the jewel she is. Which ideas best capture your daughter’s personality?