If you are venturing out and learning how to sew you might be on the hunt for some sewing projects for beginners. Here are the best projects to consider to make for one of your first projects. These sewing projects are great learning projects that can help you learn slowly how the sewing machine works and do simple tasks to get your final results. Then as you get more confident you can expand to a little bit more advanced projects.

15 Of The Best Sewing Projects For Beginners To Start Out On

I have the Simple Singer Sewing machine and find it is pretty handy for little projects I have done around the house. I found it was really easy to learn to set up and thread and a good size to move it around to where you want to sew. Then as I got more advanced I stepped into a larger sewing machine, but I always come back to this one to work on because it is such a simple machine. Check out these epic ironing station ideas as well to maximize your space.

Easy Sewing Projects for Beginners

Before we get started, you might want to check out all the best sewing tips and tricks. <–genius sewing hacks!

Here is a DIY curtain project that you can easily make for your child’s bedroom, playroom or living room. Grab any fabric you want and learn how to sew some up.

Learn how to make a mug rug, that is great for keeping your wood surface protected. These are really simple to make and great for hot coffee or tea drinkers.

Here is a 30-minute baby blanket tutorial. Give a homemade baby blanket as a gift to your next baby shower or to make for your own little one!

Easy Sewing Projects for Beginners - Tea Towel Pillows- The Inspiration Vault

Follow this easy tutorial and learn how to make tea towel pillows. She shares an Easter pillow tutorial but you can use any design for any occasion.

Make a fleece blanket that uses scraps of fleece, or you can buy prints to make it work for your blanket.

Create a play tent that your kids can use in their playroom or take outdoors for some fun in the sun action. A little more advanced but still a good beginners craft to make.

Easy Sewing Project - Blanket Scarf Tutorial- Our Homemade Easy

Blanket scarves are so fun to use to dress up an outfit. Use this tutorial to make your own blanket scarf for a fraction of the cost of buying one at a store. This is a $5 blanket flannel scarf tutorial.

Here is a DIY bed pocket caddy that hangs off your bed for storing your phone, earplugs, and more. Really neat and I love how simple it is to make. This would be a neat gift for a teen.

Make a sewing machine cover for your beloved sewing machine. Great for keeping the dust off but also it can add an element of design to your crafting room!

Sewing Projects For Begginers - Tag Blankie- Red Tart Art

Taggie Blankets are so fun for little babies to chew and play with. Learn how to make one to give to your little one or someone who is expecting.

Another great one to try out is this DIY door draft stopper. If you have doors that leak in cold air in the cooler months, this is a must. It is also great to use in summer to keep your nice cool air from escaping your home.

Check out this felt fox purse that is so fun for little kids. Pack up some toys for when they head out the door for grandma and grandpas house.

Sewing Projects for Beginners - Cushion Headboard- Essenziale

A hanging cushion headboard is a creative headboard that can add a pop of color and comfort to your bed. Great for leaning on as you sit up and read before bed, and it is a simple tutorial.

This elastic skirt tutorial is very easy to follow and this is for a very classic and simple skirt design. It is really fun stepping out and learning how to make your own clothes, and this is a great starter tutorial.

Pom Pom Trimmed Valance window treatments are really fun to make for a child or teens room. It adds a touch of style to the room that really dresses up your window in seconds.

15 Of The Best Sewing Projects For Beginners To Start Out On

Do you enjoy sewing? If so what is your favorite project to date you have made?

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