Ladies and gents, it’s time to grab your iron and get those clothes wrinkle-free. Who’s pumped? Okay, ironing isn’t our favorite chore. But with a few clever ironing tips and some pretty ironing station ideas, we’ve found out that it’s not that bad. At least you’ll be able to enjoy your space and get the ironing done as quickly as possible!

You may never love ironing, but these ironing station ideas will give you a prettier and more practical space to work!

If you don’t iron that often, opt for this space saving ironing board instead. You can plop it on your washer or dryer and just use it as needed. It’s great for small things like sewing projects and baby clothes. My mother-in-law has a similar set-up!

space saving ironing board

Did you know you can make a small, portable tv tray ironing board? That’s pretty genius!

tv tray ironing board

Hack an IKEA kitchen island (or is it a changing table? I’ve seen both on Pinterest) on wheels by adding an ironing board on top. It’s handy to be able to move it from one room to the next. (Unsure of original source. If it’s yours, please let us know.)

ikea hack ironing board on wheels

Do you really fold up the ironing board and put it away every time you use it? I know I don’t. Instead of fussing with a board, turn a side table into an ironing board with storage. Now, isn’t that prettier and way more practical?

IKEA hack ironing table

A foldable ironing board is a smart way to get the surface area of a full-size board without taking up lots of space when you need to iron something small.

foldable ironing board

Add a recessed cabinet to your closet to house the ironing board and an electrical outlet. You won’t even need to drag your clothes out of the closet… iron them right where you are!

recessed ironing center

Install an ironing board drawer in your closet or the laundry room. It’s so much easier to put away than folding up the squeaky legs of an ironing board.

ironing board drawer

Here, a shallow closet houses an ironing board, iron and all the ironing supplies you’ll ever need, including starch, water, wrinkle releaser and more.

ironing closet

Hang your ironing board on coat hooks behind a door to keep it out of the way.

hang ironing board

Want a simple solution? Hang a pretty wooden crate to house the iron and any ironing supplies (with coat hooks on the bottom to hang the ironing board on).

wooden crate ironing station

These clever homeowners attached the ironing board to the wall of their laundry room so that when it’s folded down, it hovers over the washer and dryer. Get all the laundry tasks done in one space, even if you only have a laundry closet!

above washer and dryer

For the crafty among us, here’s a craft table with ironing pad attached. Because it folds down when you’re not using it, you have plenty of room to move around in your crafting space. (Cannot find original source. If it’s yours, please let us know!)

craft table with ironing pad

Or an extra large ironing board certainly comes in handy if you only iron fabric. My MIL only uses an iron for sewing projects, so this would be perfect for her.

extra large ironing board

Here’s yet another take of the ironing station on wheels with plenty of storage for all your ironing needs. You can do this with any old shelf you have — simply attach wheels (theirs were purchased from IKEA), and add the ironing board on top.

ironing station on wheels

Speaking of IKEA, here’s another hack: an iron hideaway closet using a wall cabinet from the store.

iron hideaway

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