Ladies and gents, it’s time to grab your iron and get those clothes wrinkle-free. Who’s pumped? Okay, ironing isn’t our favorite chore. But with a few clever ironing tips and some pretty ironing station ideas, we’ve found out that it’s not that bad.

These ironing station ideas will help you save space and have versatility with your ironing station. Each ironing station idea is unique and some even provide you with additional storage for those hard-to-find needed items!  These ideas will help you to enjoy your space and get the ironing done as quickly as possible!

15 Ironing Station for Every Type of Space

Genius Ironing Station Ideas Everyone Can Use!

Ironing is something that we all have to (or should) do every day. Since we have to do it daily we might as well have a great experience while doing it. Continue reading and you will find some of the most clever, unique, and pure genius ironing board and storage ideas for any size space. Read on to see ideas to create:

  • A TV Tray Ironing Board
  • IKEA Ironing Board Ideas
  • Movable Ironing Board Ideas & Storage
  • Ironing Board Storage in Closets & Recessed Cabinets
  • And More!

1. Washer/ Dryer Ironing Board

If you don’t iron that often, opt for this space-saving ironing board solution instead. You can plop it on your washer or dryer and just use it as needed. This is also easy for kids to set up to iron. It’s great for small things like sewing projects and baby clothes. Also, if you are in a pinch and need a make-shift ironing station this will do the trick! My mother-in-law has a similar setup!

Ironing Board Pad

2. TV Tray Ironing Board

Did you know you can make a small, portable tv tray ironing board? TV trays have so many uses. This is a convenient ironing board solution that will work for any small space. Match the ironing pad with your household decor. This is a fun and budget-friendly idea! Use this portable ironing station virtually anywhere in your house where your iron will travel. That’s pretty genius!

TV Tray Ironing Board

3. IKEA Kitchen Island Ironing Board Station

Don’t you just love IKEA! Hack an IKEA kitchen island (or is it a changing table? I’ve seen both on Pinterest) on wheels by adding an ironing board on top. This cool idea provides you with additional storage for everything you would need while ironing. You can customize your storage station with cute containers to match your decor too!  It’s handy to be able to move it from one room to the next.

This will save space and energy. You can iron your clothes right in front of your closet if you want to! When you are done hang your clothing right up!  (Unsure of the original source. If it’s yours, please let us know.) Let us know in the comments if this idea works for you!

Ikea Hack Ironing Board on Wheels

4. Side- Table Ironing Board

Do you really fold up the ironing board and put it away every time you use it? I know I don’t. This is a quick and handy solution for an ironing board station. Instead of fussing with a board, turn a side table into an ironing board with storage. The storage below your ironing board will be a lifesaver for all your ironing needs! Here is another ironing board storage solution that you can dress up with your own style to match your decor!  Now, isn’t that prettier and way more practical?

IKEA Hack Ironing Board Table

5. Foldable Ironing Board Station & Storage

A foldable ironing board is a genius solution for an ironing board station! You get the space of a full-size ironing board without taking up lots of space. This is an excellent solution for those cramped spaces. The storage space below your ironing board cannot be beaten. You can use it for small clothes, other laundry items, or sewing materials. Put wheels on this station and move it wherever you want in your home. So convenient! The sky’s the limit!

Foldable Ironing Board

6. Recessed Cabinet Ironing Board

I love this idea! Add a recessed cabinet to your closet to house the ironing board and an electrical outlet. This is a clever time and space-saving idea. You won’t even need to drag your clothes out of the closet… iron them right where you are!

Recessed Ironing Board

7. Ironing Board Drawer

Install an ironing board drawer in your closet or the laundry room. This is a unique idea that might work for you. You are right next to your clothes which helps with hanging and putting your clothing items away.  It’s so much easier to put away than folding up the squeaky legs of an ironing board!

Ironing Board Drawer

8. Shallow Closet Ironing Board Storage

Here, a shallow closet houses an ironing board, iron, and all the ironing supplies you’ll ever need; including starch, water, wrinkle release, and more. I bet you never thought to use your closet like this!  This ironing storage idea will work in any space. It is a decorative option for those who have limited space in their homes.

Shallow Closet Ironing Board Storage

9. Coat Hook Hanging Ironing Board

Every ironing board does not need a whole storage station or laundry room to be housed. Hang your ironing board on coat hooks behind a door to keep it out of the way. Use this simple and easy way of storing your ironing board! This will get your awkward iron out of the way when you are done with it. Which leaves you with more room to enjoy your space!

Hanging Ironing Board
Hanging Laundry Board from DIY Swank

10. Wooded Crate Ironing Board Station Storage

Want a simple solution? Hang a pretty wooden crate to house the iron and any ironing supplies (with coat hooks on the bottom to hang the ironing board on). You can store your iron and a decorative touch to your laundry space. This is true laundry room inspiration! Jazz up your laundry storage with this nest idea.

Wooden crate ironing station

11. Laundry Wall Ironing Board

These clever homeowners attached the ironing board to the wall of their laundry room so that when it’s folded down, it hovers over the washer and dryer. Get all the laundry tasks done in one space, even if you only have a laundry closet! This is perfect for those with a very small space. Install this cleaver solution to win the laundry game!

Above washer ironing board

12. Craft Table Ironing Board Station

For the crafty among us, here’s a craft table with an ironing pad attached. For crafters this is perfect! This will work especially well when you have craft items that might require ironing. You will have everything at your fingertips! Because it folds down when you’re not using it, you have plenty of room to move around in your crafting space. (Cannot find original source. If it’s yours, please let us know!)

Craft Table with Ironing Board Pad

13. DIY Extra- Large Ironing Board

Or an extra-large ironing board certainly comes in handy if you only iron fabric. This idea is useful to have a large amount of surface area to spread out those extra-large clothing items, fabrics, or otherwise. This would be useful if you iron any type of bedding, sofa covers, formal gowns, or anything like that. I hate when what I am ironing does not fit on the ironing board or is an awkward size for ironing. This ironing board solution is a lifesaver! My mother-in-law only uses an iron for sewing projects, so this would be perfect for her. How would you use this type of ironing board?

Extra Large Ironing Board

14. Ironing Board Station Storage on Wheels

This is a great useful way to repurpose an old shelf. Here’s yet another take of the ironing board storage on wheels with plenty of storage for all your ironing needs. You can do this with any old shelf you have — simply attach wheels (theirs were purchased from IKEA), and add the ironing board on top. You will be able to store all of your ironing materials and more.

They also nailed a wooden board to the back of their creation so that the ironing materials would be stable and not fall out. Put your special touch on this by painting it to match your decor. Presto! you have a whole new piece of furniture that functions well and adds to your space!  Don’t throw out your old shelf, put it to work with this great idea!

Ironing Station in Wheels

15. IKEA Ironing Board Station Hideaway Storage

Speaking of IKEA, here’s another hack: an iron hideaway closet using a wall cabinet from the store. IKEA is my favorite store! This is a budget-friendly way to create decorative storage for your ironing board. Another design idea includes purchasing multiple of these cabinets for your laundry room. You can use the other matching cabinets to store other needed household items. Try it and let us know in the comments how it worked for you!

Hideaway ironing board storage
Hideaway Ironing Board Storage from Mizifu

We hope you take advantage of some of these clever and space-saving ironing station ideas! If you enjoyed these ironing board station storage ideas, you’ll also like:

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