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You see them all the time at thrift stores, garage sales, flea markets and antique shops. You may even have a few of them gathering dust in your garage. Shutters are everywhere now, and if you’ve overlooked them before, you may want to snatch up the next one you see. Why? Well, there are so many shutter project ideas to beautify and organize your home. Take a look at some of our favorites for inspiration.

17 Ways Youve Never Thought to Reuse Old Shutters

Shutter Project Ideas You’ll Love

Turn an old shutter into a stylish toilet paper organizer for your bathroom. We have more toilet paper storage ideas, too!

shutter organization 2


Install a few shutters in your command center for mail, coupons, artwork and more.

shutter organization 1


Clear out cabinet space by making a handy shutter mug rack to house all your coffee mugs.

shutter organization 13


Speaking of ways to use shutters in the kitchen, add a rustic shutter bench to your table. (You’ll also find a few handy tips for cleaning shutters here.)

shutter organization 14


Turn a pair of old shutters into a command station that will help your entire family stay organized. Add a chalk board for notes, mail slots for things that need to go in and out and hooks for hanging bags. We love the rustic look of this project!

shutter organization 3


Here’s a command center that’s situated over the shoe box in this entrance. It has hooks for keys and the slots are used for cards, pictures and mail.

shutter organization 4


Hang one horizontally, add knobs or hooks and you have a shabby chic coat rack for your mudroom.

shutter organization 5


Create a gorgeous herb planter for indoors or for the patio using an old shutter, mason jars and your favorite herbs.

shutter organization 6


Create a kitchen organizer for utensils, potholders, measuring spoons and more. The yellow is so bright and cheerful!

shutter organization 15


It’s time for a shutter island! No, not that Shutter Island. This one… this super cute kitchen island made of shutters, an old drawer and a reclaimed wood top.

shutter organization 12


Build a bathroom shelf using two shutters and some wood scraps from your project pile. Personally, we think the older the wood and shutters look, the better!

shutter organization 8


Paint them a bright color, and put 3-4 behind your bed to create a super easy shutter headboard to spruce up your bedroom.

shutter organization 7


Organize and display your favorite jewelry! Add a fresh coat (or two) of paint, add some hooks and knobs, and you’re all set with a pretty and practical organizer for your bling.

shutter organization 9


Build a corner shelf out of two shutters and some plywood to go in between for shelves.

shutter organization 16


A magazine rack is a natural idea for an old shutter. The idea is pretty self-explanatory!

shutter organization 10


Paint a shutter in red, white and blue to create a memorable patriotic display for the 4th of July.

shutter organization 17


Add shutters to a mirror for an extra touch of flair. You could just add them on either side, but you’ll get bonus points for installing them on hinges to open and close them whenever you’d like. Lovely!

shutter organization 11


Shutter Craft Ideas