If you own electronics and also use the restroom, listen up! (Yes, basically ALL of you should be listening up.) Tangled up cords are the worst. There is nothing more frustrating than needing the one specific cord for that particular device and once you finally find it, you cannot get. it. OUT! Because all of the other cords are holding onto it, like they’re trying to save each other from being used. Hey, cords! This is your purpose in life! Let go of each other already!

Okay before I get to sounding any crazier by typing out exclamations toward inanimate objects, let’s just solve this problem once and for all. No more tangled up cord baskets. (https://www.almostthererescue.org/) Let’s get these things organized, once and for all! For our own sanity! And remember how I mentioned this is for people who use the restroom, well that’s going to factor in too. Check it out:

There it is: another useful and simple life hack to implement into your daily life. Easy is my favorite level of difficulty when it comes to organization. It won’t cost you an extra dime because you’re already using toilet paper, right? So just save up your rolls! Or, if you’re anything like me, you already have a healthy stash that you’ve been waiting for just the right opportunity to repurpose. You thought it might be a super amazing craft with the kids, but as it turns out, it’s organizing your cords!

Tangled up cords? Never again!

Just think how quickly you can find the cord you need the next time you need it! You could even label the rolls so you don’t have to guess about goes to what. So there we have it, friends, repurposed toilet paper rolls and reorganized cords. Take a deep breath–ahhhhhh, doesn’t the decluttering just feel right?

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