Balloons make me smile. We love to incorporate them into parties that we host. Here are just some of the fun things to do with balloons.

genius balloon ideas
Make Chocolate Cups with Balloons – ehow

Party Ideas with Balloons

Chocolate Cups – made from balloons. Just dip them into chocolate. When the chocolate cools pop the balloon and fill with ice cream or another treat.

Don’t have Easter Eggs? Have no fear, the hunt can still go on. Fill balloons with your candy. Knot and hide.

Too Cute! This balloon photo op uses a big balloon for the “hot air balloon” and then a basket. Just let the kids climb in – the photos will be priceless.

Create a set of juggling balls for your kids using balloons. Just fill the balloons with a variety of textures for a fun throwing or squeezing toy!

Got a new phone but your case hasn’t arrived yet? A balloon can offer temporary protection. This balloon hack video shows you how to press your phone into the balloon, creating a “case”.

What a fun party idea! Make a ball pit for your kids to jump in – from balloons. This party tip looks like a ton of frugal fun!

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Things to do with Balloons

Have a memorable photo wall at your kids next party. Fill in a space with a collection of colorful balloons.

Your kids can have balloon party decorations – form the balloons into a variety of fruits for your kids to kick around.

Lessen the risk of spills and help your party guests find their cups. In this Balloon Tip: Cut the mouth off of your balloon and wrap the rubber over your glass. Viola!

ways to create with balloons
Shell-Like Clay Vases Made with Balloons from Design Sponge

Balloon Ideas

You can use balloons to help contain some science experiments. This experiment measuring the output of carbon dioxide uses the gases to fill balloons. 

Let your guests know they reached the right house with this fun balloon covered wreath.  It’s easy to make!

You can make sculptures with balloons and plaster of paris. Fill the balloon with the wet plaster and mix inside the balloon until it get tough and you can form a shape. Let it set, remove the balloon and come back to your sculpture.

Balloon crafts can be easy! These balls were made from balloons string and sugar and they make great tabletop decorations.

These shell-like vases are made from balloons covered in a thin layer of clay. Let the clay dry, pop the balloon and the results are stunning!

ways to use balloons in a party
Gender Reveal Party Idea from Balloon Time, DIY Dipped Paint Vase Look (Using Ballons) from Curbly

Water Balloons are the staple of summer parties. This Game is easy. Run an obstacle course (or for kids, to the edge of the yard) carrying a balloon on a spoon! Genius and fun.

If your balloons are blah – spice them up! This website has lots of ideas for ways to decorate your balloons to decorate your party! Including gluing tissue paper to the outside of them into fun shapes.

Do you love the dipped-paint look of many chic vases and jars? Do-it-yourself with this balloon hack.  Just cover your vase with layered balloons.

This is a fun gender reveal party idea. Fill two boxes with balloons. Open the boxes of balloons to find out what gender you are having! Great fun!

ballon party idea

What a great way to commemorate a group of people – a team, a graduation party, even the life of someone you love. Hang balloons with photos so the photo gallery hangs just above the eye level of your attendees.

If you have tots (or cats) who have a tendency to spill vases, you will love this balloon idea. Take a balloon and cover a juice cup with an inside out balloon. The stems go in, glass can be dumped and your mess is minimal.

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