For as long as anyone can remember, children all over the world have been saying “trick or treat”. We all know the drill, right? Your little one gets dressed up in their favorite Halloween costume, grabs their bucket, heads out the door and spends the next several hours repeating “trick or treat” over and over again, as mounds and mounds of candy get dumped into their Halloween bucket. It’s cute and all, but it’s been done. Why not change it up a little this year and instead try a few of these silly sayings to replace “trick or treat”? It’ll catch everyone off guard and bring a little fun to the Halloween evening as well!10 Silly Sayings to Replace "Trick or Treat" This Halloween

In some neighborhoods, people actually don’t hand out any type of candy without a funny joke or riddle being told. If these silly sayings above aren’t quite working for you, try to think up a few jokes that your little ones can ask instead. Whatever you decide to do or say on Halloween night, be safe and have fun!


Creative Ways To Replace “Trick or Treat”

Happy Halloween! Snack for my sack?

Who doesn’t love an adorable Halloween rhyme? With this silly saying, your little one will probably get a ton of snacks to put in their Halloween snack for later!

Looks like you have a lot of candy, let me help lighten your load.

This one should work well! If they want more candy, all they gotta do is ask for it. (And while it may not work, it’s still a fun saying to bring a little variance to the night!)

I’ve got the Halloween tummy grumbles. Can you help?

No adult can deny a hungry child treats, right? They’ll probably give them a bit extra as well to give them enough energy to get through the night!

Ghosts, witches, or goblins – If you don’t have any treats we’re gonna have some problems.

Only a child dressed in an adorable costume can pull this one off. Adults…you can try, but it won’t have the same effect.

You look quite beautiful tonight.

Compliments always work, right?! Typically, yes. On Halloween night, you’ll have to try it to find out.

Looks like I’m the last one kid on the street…I’ve got more than enough room for the remainder of that bowl.

If they don’t ask, they’ll never know. The worst that can happen is that they get one piece of candy and the best possible outcome? The entire bowl.

ICS – Internal Candy Services here. I’m gonna need 30% of that candy bowl.

An adult working in paying off the “man” is never done.

I don’t like tricks, but I do love treats!

Just a little variance on the classic can be fun, too!

I don’t care what you’ve got, as long as it’s a lot.

And if your little one throws in some puppy dog eyes here and there, a lot is what they’re going to get!

My energy is level is low, but chocolate should do the trick!

 A more true statement has never been said. With all the walking and knocking that you’ll be doing on Halloween night, energy and snacks are going to be much needed!

Trick or treating is such a fun time, that incorporating a few of these silly phrases will add even more fun to the night. And if you don’t like any of these, why not let your little ones make up their own? They’ll love being able to think up wild and wacky sayings to catch everyone off guard.

10 Silly Sayings to Replace _Trick or Treat_

What sayings do your kiddo’s say when trick or treating?