We all know WD-40 is great stuff, but did you know it could do all THIS? There are tons of great things you can do with this stuff and you will soon see why WD-40 is your new best friend and wonder how you ever lived without it.

ways to use wd40

Awesome Ways to Use WD-40

  • Unstick a ring that is too tight on your finger
  • Get your hamster wheel to FINALLY stop squeaking
  • Free Lego blocks that are stuck together
  • Get crayon off almost any surface
  • Remove mascara from tile floors and mirrors
  • Get nail polish off hard wood floors
  • Remove old tape
  • Get up paint or coffee stains on the floor
  • Cleans piano keys
  • Stop door hinges from squeaking
  • Get glue out of clothing and carpet
  • Scrub stain off your stainless steel sink
  • Soften that new leather tool belt
  • Remove sticky price tags on dishes
  • Unstick gum from hair or carpet

More Crazy Things to do With WD-40

  • Remove roller blade or chair scuff marks from floors
  • Get ink off your hands
  • Clean black streaks on hardwood floors
  • Get rid of grime in bathroom or kitchen grout
  • Loosen stuck zippers
  • Untangle knotted jewelry
  • Keep clay from sticking to molds during crafting
  • Get sap off of Christmas ornaments
  • Clean up those stainless steel appliances
  • Remove permanent marker from furniture (definitely helpful in my household)
  • Spray your jack-o-lantern inside and out and let it sit for 24 hours before adding a candle. It will last about 3 weeks this way.
  • Restore your whiteboard or chalkboard by spraying them down and wiping clean.

Well, folks. I hope you have been inspired to grab yourself a can of WD-40 and tackle some new crazy messes in your life. Have fun!

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