Want a deck makeover? Looking for smarter ways to use your exterior space? Try these 15 deck ideas to help you make the most of your outdoor deck space. Whether you are sprucing up the deck to get ready for warmer weather, or simply ready for transitions, you’re sure to find a creative deck design idea and inspiration or two here. From easy DIY furniture to smart storage design ideas, you’ll find something to improve your deck or your backyard into a fun, useable space. Enjoy!

College of deck ideas for utilizing space, creating bars, tables, and DIY daybeds.

Deck Ideas for a Better Outdoor Living Space

1. Play Space Deck Ideas

If you have high level or multi-level decks at your house and all that open space underneath it is simply sitting there going to waste, it’s time to put it to good use. Turn the space under your deck into a gorgeous play area for the kids – every kiddo needs an outdoor playhouse! This is a fantastic way to give the kids their own outdoor entertaining idea. They will have a fun and safe place to play while you sip tea with a friend on the upper deck. Genius!

These clever and bright kid play area deck ideas are amazing.

2. Creative Deck Party Ideas

Have a party on your Deck! There is something about the open-air that helps freshen up a party. That great in-door, outdoor vibe keeps it fun, and your party can easily incorporate your backyard space. Here are some easy outdoor party tips.

Some deck ideas are actually great hacks for your deck party planning.

3. The Perfect Cleaning Deck Hack

I LOVE this hack! I’m just going to say it, this one is genius! If you don’t have a power washer or maybe you just want to save a few bucks and not rent one for the day to scrub your deck stain- this hack is for you. Clean your deck in just one step by attaching a water hose to your broom. That’s it! Simple, right?! So easy even your teenager could wash the deck after this.

This genius hack is a one of our tock deck ideas. Attach your water hose to the end of a push broom to scrub and wash your deck at the same time.

4.Decorate Your Deck with Pillows or Cushions

Pillows and cushions are wonderful for your platform decks, interior and living areas. They are cozy and inviting, and the array of color options can really liven any space up, even your outdoor space. The decorative backyard deck idea is extra crafty, as it is made budget-friendly and resourceful. Make inexpensive outdoor pillows by stuffing fabric pillowcases with plastic bags. Guess what, no one will know the difference and they will look great! Look at you doing your part for the planet, right from your deck.

We love colorful deck ideas. Here we have a lovely striped red and pink deck pillow.

5. Perfect Patio Garden Paint

Every kid, or inner child in us adults, will love this idea. Looking to add a little light to your patio, multi level deck, ground level deck, porches or outdoor walking spaces? Paint your planters with glow-in-the-dark paint to add lighting. You could paint them all solid or trace patterns on them. Or, for some real fun, you could have your kids put their handprints on them. Make this one even more useful and use tip #16 to finish this clever and creative garden project.

This deck idea helps house your plants and add light. Use this glow-in-the-dark paint to illuminate your planter pots on your deck at night.

6. “Cool” Wooded Deck Accessories

“You can’t use up creativity. The more you use the more you have.” Maya Angelou

Creative is as creative does and you will find the more you start to think outside the box about your outdoor wood decking ideas, the more elaborate your projects may become. Like this cool, cooler idea. Hide your ugly cooler with a cool barn wood frame. This one takes a little skill, but man isn’t it beautiful? Plus it gives you even more storage or serving space. Classy and clever, I’d say.

Decks need great deck ideas to hide that ugly old cooler. Create a wooden frame board around your cooler to look good and keep things cool.

7. Darling Daybed Deck Idea

Make one of these outdoor day beds, and you’ll never want to leave your deck again. This is a great deck or patio idea if you have the space for it. It’s warm, relaxing and inviting. Toss a few pillows and a cozy blanket to snuggle up under and you could find yourself sitting out there for hours under the stars during the warm summer months.

Day beds are great deck ideas, especially this really cozy one made from pallets.

8. Outdoor Table Deck Ideas

I love repurposing projects, and this one is pretty resourceful. Need a coffee table or small dining table in your outdoor area? Paint some old tires a bright color, stack them and add a glass top for a beautiful and unique contribution to your seating area. If you would rather have it compliment your house colors more, and maybe not stand out so much, paint it to match your house trim.

Deck ideas where you reuse old tires to paint and place as a table base for your new deck decor is pretty retro and cool.

9. Light Decorating Idea on a Budget for your Deck

Outdoor lighting can be expensive! These hacked ping pong ball Christmas lights will give your small deck a magical look at night for a fraction of the cost of the more expensive ones. You can make them multicolored like the ones below or you could use soft white light for a more simple and elegant look. This really can be as fun and creative as you’d love them to be.

This dandy little deck idea helps you take ping pong balls and a string of holiday lights and transform them into a great way to light your deck at night.

10. Beautiful Breakfast Bar Deck Idea

Deck breakfast areas are a must. There isn’t much better than heading out to watch the sunrise with your cup of hot coffee and maybe a fresh scone. If you have space you could create a larger outdoor dining area for more folks, or if you are limited, try simply widening your deck railing to create an outdoor breakfast bar and outdoor kitchen.

Breakfast bars are always great deck ideas, especially for early morning relaxing and watching the sunrise.

11.  DIY Deck Rug

Can’t find the perfect outdoor rug you want to finish off your deck and tie it all together? Well, maybe try looking in the tablecloth section instead. Turn a cheap tablecloth into a durable outdoor rug for the deck with a few coats of polyurethane and some rug backing. Don’t have an old table cloth laying around you’d love to use? I’d say it’s time to head to the fabric store, wouldn’t you?

This DIY deck idea is an outdoor rug is made from and old table cloth. You can use any table cloth to match your new deck idea decor.
Turn a Tablecloth Into An Outdoor Rug from Apartment Therapy

12. Bar Pallet Deck Idea

As we mentioned before, outdoor bars are a must if you are revamping your space. If you don’t have the funds but still want a bar, here’s a cheap solution for your DIY deck project. Make an outdoor bar from old pallets and a few pavers. Pallet repurposing has become quite popular over the last few years. People are making plenty of kinds of things out of them. Pavers are fairly cheap, you can likely get some in an online classified group or repurpose some you may already have. Fantastic!

Deck ideas wit bars are always anyone that entertains favorite, best yet it's made from old pallets and pavers.

13. Drink Station for your Deck

If you host parties often, or maybe you are just like me and live outside more than in, a drink station is a way to go. This DIY drink station is also adorable, and it’s a great way to keep your kids outside rather than running in and out all summer for drinks. I’m sure you can find and repurpose a piece of furniture with more than one shelf you could easily stock this bad boy with snacks too!

Deck ideas that saves you from running back and forth for drinks. Create a custom drink station out of an upcycled furniture piece you just love.

14. Garden Pot Storage Design for your Deck

Need a table option that does a little more? A large terracotta pot table is multi-functional. Use it as a table and as storage for small odds and ends like outdoor shoes, small toys, sun scream, or smaller pool toys. This is a great catch-all for your smaller items when you are in a rush to pick them up outside before guests arrive. Toss it in a pot and stick a table lid on top and you’re done!

Space can be limited on a deck, so deck ideas to transform a terracotta pot into a side table and storage area is awesome.

15. Add an Outdoor Bench to your Deck

Extra outdoor seating is never a bad idea, you always want enough space outside for all your friends and family. Add lots of extra seating for just $20 with a DIY outdoor patio bench. Affordable is always attractive, and this bench adds tons of seating to a budget. I love how they painted this one a fun green shade. You can paint yours to match your existing outdoor furniture too!

Long green benches are always great deck ideas.

16. Bug Repelling Garden Plants for your Deck

The one thing everyone always hates about the outdoors is the bugs, am I right? I can’t count how many times I’ve been in mid-conversation and had to slap my neck or leg to fight off the mosquitos. Enjoy your time outdoors without being eaten alive by bugs. Plant with a purpose! Keep these greenery herbs that naturally repel mosquitos on your deck. The best part is, these plants really grow themselves, so you don’t need a green thumb to keep them going.

Here’s more information!

Smart deck ideas are important, and planting bug repelling plants around the area to keep mosquitoes away while you are out is pretty clever.
Tips to Naturally Repel Mosquitoes from Nature Hacks

17. Party Place Deck Ideas

As we mentioned above, outdoor parties are a blast – the best location is the deck! If you plan on entertaining this year, you may want to check out some of these fun ideas. From clever ways of keeping your drinks cold to fun ways to entertain the kids, these are some great tips your guests will be sure to comment on during their visit.

These clever party hacks will go great with your other deck ideas during your party.

18. Deck Decorations Ideas on a Budget

Nothing makes your deck or outdoor space quite as homey as those outdoor decorations. If you are looking to spruce up your area with a little character in a unique way, try these fun activities with your kids. Make your own outdoor ornaments on the cheap. If you are planning a party or have a backyard theme, you could design some really fun ornaments to match.

Homemade ornaments are fun deck ideas.

Don’t Stop with Deck Ideas! Here Are More Creative Space Must-Dos.

What is your favorite deck idea? Outdoor deck ideas collage of benches and coolers, pallet bars and drink stations.

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