Cleaning supplies organization is very important if you are going to successfully declutter your house. With lots of cleaning supplies on hand, it’s sometimes hard to find what you need, consequently, you’ll knock over three cleaners just to find the one you need.

What a mess! Whether you have a cabinet, a closet, or some other space to store your cleaning supplies, we’ve found the best tips and tricks for getting them organized.

16 Clever Ways to Organize Cleaning Supplies

Cleaning Supplies Organization Ideas

If you are like me, you have way more cleaning supplies than you have energy to clean.  My first thought is to get rid of things that I don’t use or could use something else that is dual purpose.  I like this list from Real Simple that states what supplies you actually need and here are a few of my favorite cleaning supplies:

  • microfiber cloths
  • toilet brush
  • scrub brush
  • spray bottle
  • rubber gloves
  • broom
  • mild abrasive
  • mop
  • duster
  • vacuum
  • all-purpose cleaner

Now that we have narrowed down what cleaning supplies we are storing, let’s get organizing!

1. Supply Caddy for Everyday Cleaning Organization

Put the cleaning supplies that you use every day together in a caddy for easy access. The caddy should be large enough to hold these everyday cleaning supplies, from hand sweepers, rags, dusters, and cleaners while being easy to bring along as you work. I found a large plastic bin that fits nicely under the kitchen sink and made it our caddy.

Use caddies to carry your cleaning supplies as you washvia I Heart Organizing

2. Shoe Holder to Hang Cleaning Supplies

An over-the-door shoe holder can be used to hold those cleaning supplies that come in small canisters such as sprays, dishwashers, and so on. Just tuck them in the different pockets and hang them on the back of your bathroom/kitchen door depending on where the supplies you are organizing are to be often used.

Use a shoe holder to hang your cleaning supplies on the back of a door. This keeps them away from little ones and gets them out of the way. Genius!

Over-the-door shoe holder for cleaning suppliesvia A Pinterest Addict

3. Laundry Baskets

A small laundry basket or even a shopping basket if you can’t find the properly sized laundry basket will is portable as you scrub around the house.

When cleaning the house, you need mobility as you move from corner to corner and from room to room, as such, your cleaning supplies for the day need to be organized in a small basket that you can move with. You do not want to have your brush on the other side of the room when you need it or you will tire easily.

Use inexpensive baskets to hold sponges, cloths, dusters, and other cleaning supplies that you wipe down surfaces with.

Carry your cleaning supplies in basketsvia A Bowl Full of Lemons

4. Hook Up Your Utility Closet

Isn’t it annoying when you open your utility closet and the brooms come crashing down on you, and you have to re-arrange them before you can get whatever it is that brought you here in the first place?

Well, these brushes, brooms, dustpans, and any other supplies that come with a handle usually have a hooking point and you should take advantage of it. Hooking up the brooms will secure them so that they won’t drop every time you open the door.

Attach hooks to the back of your utility closet for hanging cleaning rags, the dustpan, etc.

Install hooks for brooms, brushes and mopsvia BHG

5. Use a Pegboard to Organize Your Cleaning Supplies

Some apartments don’t come with a designated utility closet, worry not, you can still hook up your cleaning supplies by installing a pegboard.

Pick a nice spot in the house out of the way of usual traffic and hang up a pegboard on which you will attach hooks on which you can hang those pestering brooms and dustpans.

Hang your cleaning supply items on a decorated pegboard. What a great idea if you don’t have a designated cleaning closet. (More pegboard ideas here.)

Mount a pegboard for your cleaning suppliesvia The Posh Space

6. Cleaning Supplies Organization Tips Inside the Utility Closet

To convert that little space that is the utility closet into sufficient storage for most if not all of your cleaning supplies, you need to buy a few gizmos;

  • At least 2 over-the-door shoe holders
  • Closet hanging bar
  • Pegboard and hooks
  • Utility hanger shelves

Install these gizmos inside your closet and arrange your cleaning supplies remembering to place the often use within easy reach.

This entire cleaning closet is perfection.

Organize your utility closet via The 36th Avenue

7. Organize Your Cleaning Supplies on Wire Shelves.

If you do not like the over-the-door shoe holder idea, how about making your closet look like the inside of your fridge door using these easy-to-install wire shelves.

You should get sturdy shelves and mount them securely to the inside of your utility closet door as they are going to hold quite some weight. Arrange them at different heights to accommodate even your tallest bottles of soap.

Wire shelving on the back of the door allows you to free up space in your closet for other things.

Mount wire shelves inside the utility closet doorvia Sew Many Ways

8. DIY Shelves For Cleaning Supplies Organization

Bring your carpentry skills to bear by designing shelves on which to store your cleaning supplies. You can also mount ready-made shelves. Make sure to choose a piece of the wall away from all the foot traffic in the house but easily accessible when the cleaning bug hits you.

Make sure to mount the shelves high enough that the toddler will not have easy access. You can also turn the shelves into a closet by adding some doors for added security against those inquisitive youngsters

No closet for your things? Use some wall space to create a cleaning command center like this one.


DIY shelves to organize your cleaning supplies
Cleaning Command Center from Tealand Lime

via Teal and Lime

9. Towel Rod to Organize Spray Bottles

Nowadays, it seems all soaps, perfumes, deodorants come in spray bottles. You just seem to have so many bottles lying around the house. Worry no more, pick an unused towel rod to hang the spray bottles. Just make sure they are adequately labeled so you do not use your poo-Pourri to rub down your kitchen sink.

You can have more fun and arrange your spray bottles according to color or sizes, right?

Suspend spray bottles from a towel rod installed under the sink or in a closet. Genius!

Here’s another way to do it!

Towel rod for all those spray bottles
Under Sink Cleaning Supply Storage Idea from Martha Stewart


10. Lazy Susan

That small cabinet under the kitchen sinks and the bathroom sinks are designated dumping grounds. We tend to throw our less used cleaning supplies in there with little regard for organization. When we actually need an item, the search becomes hectic, and sometimes when we can’t find an item, assume it’s lost and buy another. Don’t worry, we are all guilty of it. However, this needs not to be the case.

A Lazy Susan organizer inside these cabinets will make sure you never have to struggle to look for anything under the sink.

Put a Lazy Susan under the sink so you can reach all of your cleaning supplies without digging through the entire cabinet. Don’t have a Lazy Susan? Learn how to make one here!

Use a lazy Susan under the sink to organize cleaning suppliesvia Real Simple

11. Door mounted Baskets

Even easier than shelves to mount are baskets and caddies for your lighter items. You can find stick-on caddies at the store and they come in all colors. Measure the space you want to place it so you don’t pick up one that’s too lengthy for your door. The most important thing to remember is just don’t put in anything too heavy, or the adhesive holding the basket up will fall.

These caddies are small enough to not be a nuisance when closing the door while being perfect for holding soap and sponges.

Install baskets and caddies on the back of your cabinet doors to hold sponges and cleaners.

Door mounted caddies for the under-the-sink cabinetvia Designed to Dwell

12. Portable Bins

Get small plastic bins in which you can store like cleaners. Have a bin for all your bathroom cleaners, kitchen cleaners, toilet cleaners and so on. Find a nice cabinet to stow away these bins and when you need to clean the bathroom, take the bathroom cleaners’ bin and replace it after you are done.

Put like cleaners together in pretty bins that you can pull out and take to other rooms in a pinch.

Use plastic bins to organize together like-cleaning supplies
Under Sink Bathroom Cleaner Storage Solution from Real Simple


13. Chore Baskets

When it’s general cleaning day, assign everyone an area to wash down and give them a basket full of the cleaners they will require for their chore.

Want to involve your little ones too? Even better, put together some chore baskets so your kids can help with the cleaning. You can have the baskets in their favorite colors. We love this idea!

Chore baskets for general cleaning dayvia Joyful Homemaking

Tips to Organize Cleaning Gloves

14. Store Rubber Gloves on Grommets And Hooks

Add grommets to your gloves so it’s easier to hook them to the cabinet door to hang your cleaning gloves. Not only does this make it easier to find them, but they’ll dry quickly, too.

Here’s another way to do it with binder clips, instead!

Put grommets in your cleaning gloves to hang them
Under Sink Cleaning Gloves Storage from Martha Stewart

via Martha Stewart

15. Store Rubber Gloves on a Small Towel Rod

Or hang them from a small towel rod which you can mount inside a cabinet door

Use a small towel rod to hang cleaning glovesvia Tatertots and Jello

16. Dowel Storage

Put trash bag rolls on dowels to get rid of those bulky boxes! They work like tissue paper hangers and you just need to unroll the trash bag you need.

Install dowels for tissue paper and trash papervia Simply Organized

One Crazy House has many organizational tips around the house including;


Grab some inspired linen closet organization ideas from One Crazy House that include some additional cleaning supply storage ideas.

Tips to organize cleaning supplies; collage of shoe holders, dowels, towel rod for spray bottles, and door-mounted caddies

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  1. Thank you for the tip to store the cleaning items you use on a daily basis in a caddy for convenient access when you purchase them. I will surely share this with my cousin, who has been preparing to purchase commercial cleaning products for her business, so she will remember to keep things organized. Without a doubt, I’ll look into stores that can assist her in getting what she needs. I appreciate you sharing!