With lots of cleaning supplies on hand, it’s sometimes hard to find what you need. You’ll knock over three cleaners just to find the one you need. What a mess! Whether you have a cabinet, a closet or some other space to store your cleaning supplies, we’ve found the best tips and tricks for getting them organized.

16 Clever Ways to Organize Cleaning Supplies

Cleaning Supplies Organization Ideas

Put the cleaning supplies that you use every day together in a caddy for easy access.

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Use a shoe holder to hang your cleaning supplies on the back of a door. This keeps them away from little ones and gets them out of the way. Genius!

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Use inexpensive baskets to hold sponges, cloths, dusters and other things that you wipe down surfaces with.

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Attach hooks to the back of your utility closet for hanging cleaning rags, the dust pan, etc.

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Or hang those items on a decorated pegboard. What a great idea if you don’t have a designated cleaning closet. (More pegboard ideas here.)

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This entire cleaning closet is perfection.

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Wire shelving on the back of the door allows you to free up space in your closet for other things.

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No closet for your things? Use some wall space to create a cleaning command center like this one.

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Suspend spray bottles from a towel rod installed under the sink or in a closet. Genius!

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Put a Lazy Susan under the sink so you can reach all of your cleaning supplies without digging through the entire cabinet. Don’t have a Lazy Susan? Learn how to make one here!

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Install baskets and caddies on the back of your cabinet doors to hold sponges and cleaners.

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Put like cleaners together in pretty bins that you can pull out and take to other rooms in a pinch.

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Even better, put together some chore baskets so your kids can help with the cleaning. We love this idea!

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Add grommets or hooks to the cabinet door to hang your cleaning gloves. Not only does this make it easier to find them, but they’ll dry quickly, too.

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Or hang them from a small towel rod.

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Put trash bag rolls on dowels to get rid of those bulky boxes!

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Grab some inspired linen closet organization ideas from One Crazy House that include some additional cleaning supply storage ideas.

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