We love kitchen hacks, so when we first came across the plastic bottle egg separating trick, we knew we had to put together a list of egg hacks, too! We found some amazing tips and tricks, and frankly, peeling eggs has never been easier (or more fun). So if you’re making deviled eggs or jonesing for an amazing omelet, you’ll find an eggcellent tip here. Get it?

15 Egg Hacks That Will Amaze You

Incredible Egg Hacks

When you have leftover egg whites, freeze them instead of throwing them out. Just pour them in an ice tray, pop them out when they’re fully frozen and put them in a plastic bag. Let them thaw in the fridge overnight when you need them.

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Nothing is more frustrating than egg shells sticking to your hard-boiled eggs. Use the tap, tap, roll method to get the shells off easily.

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Did you know that you can bake “hard boiled eggs” in the oven? It just takes 30 minutes, and you don’t have to keep an eye on them the way you do when they’re boiling on the stovetop.

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Cooking eggs just got easier! Put all the ingredients for your favorite omelet in your egg mixture, and pour it all in your waffle iron. It’s so much easier than trying to cook an omelet in the skillet.

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If you’ve ever wanted to scramble your eggs in the shell, well, now you can. You’ll need a pair of nylons and a good bit of nerve to spin it enough to scramble it in the shell.

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If an egg sinks in water, it’s still good for just about everything. If the wide end is up but the egg is still submerged, the egg is older but still usable. If it floats to the top of your water, get rid of it. The egg has gone bad!

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Poach the perfect egg by cooking it in plastic wrap!

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Peel an egg in seconds using water and a mason jar. The water is essential — don’t forget it!

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Omelets are a little less messy when you cook them in a bag. Use bags that are made for cooking rather than regular freezer bags.

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For perfectly shaped fried eggs for your biscuits, cook them in an onion ring. You’ll get a little added flavor from the onion and the eggs are easier to flip.

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Use this visual guide to boil your eggs exactly the way you want them. I’m a 15-minute gal, myself.

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Bake eggs in an avocado for a healthy breakfast for a big morning dose of omega-3 fatty acids.

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Store poached eggs in the fridge for up to two days in an ice bath. It’s an old restaurant trick!

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Use a plastic bottle to separate egg yolks from the whites. It’s the easiest trick ever to separate eggs!

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If you’re full of hot air, try this trick: peel a small circle off the top of the egg and a larger one on the bottom. Then blow the egg out of its shell. I’m not sure how practical the tip is, but it may be a cool trick to show your friends.

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