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Are you ready to get your grill on this summer? Redefine how to grill with these helpful hacks and tips. Whether you’re cleaning it or firing it up to cook the perfect burgers, you’re sure to find something that you didn’t know before. Happy grilling!

Are you ready to get your grill on this summer? Redefine how to grill with these helpful hacks and tips.

15 Must-Know Hacks that Redefine How to Grill

Experiencing flare-ups or bad-tasting food with your gas grill? Here’s how to clean it to get all the gunk off, because no one wants to eat gunk.

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Cut an onion in half, and rub it on the heated grill to make it non-stick. It really works!

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Store your BBQ utensils in an oven mitt, and hang it on the side of your grill.

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If you’re traveling with a grill (tailgating, anyone?) take your charcoal in a cardboard egg carton. It’s easier than lugging around a whole bag of charcoal, and it’s easy to light, too.

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How to Grill on Point

Speaking of charcoal grills, do you know the proper way to light one? Super hot coals are the key to getting perfectly grilled food.

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Use this cheap hack to turn your gas grill into a smoker for less than a buck, because it’s genius!

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Grill lemons and limes (or any citrus fruit) to really bring out the flavor. Especially over fish or in drinks!

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Finally, cleaning tips to take your stainless steel grill from gross to gorgeous.

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Add sage to your coals to help keep bugs at bay.

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For perfect grilled sausages, poach them first. It guarantees that the sausage is cooked through but still tender, and you can char them just right on the outside.

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Genius Grillin’

Cover your grill with foil, heat it up and then crumple it and use tongs to hold the foil to scour the grates clean. It’s really easy to get the food and gunk off!

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For the host with the most, write on the buns so the person manning the grill knows how many burgers to cook and for how long.

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Put burgers in a bag, score them and freeze them before your next cookout. And once you’re ready to cook them, just break off what you need!

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Use ammonia and a thick plastic trash bag to clean your grill without scrubbing.

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Or, if your grill grates are small enough, bake them in the oven at 500 degrees. This is a no-chemical solution, and it doesn’t require much elbow grease.

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