Did you know that wax paper is not just for baking? There are a surprising number of uses for wax paper that have nothing to do with food at all! Check out this list of wax paper tips to learn some other useful ways to use this handy kitchen staple!

Wax paper is an invaluable item to have in your kitchen. It’s perfect for when you’re baking. Wax paper can help cookies, brownies, and all sorts of other yummy treats not stick to your pan. This will make easy cleanup as 1-2-3. Who doesn’t love an easy clean-up, right? But did you know that wax paper has a lot of household (and even crafty) uses, as well? Wax paper can be used to repel dust, lubricate surfaces, and so much more! That’s why we’ve put together this list of some of the best wax paper tips and tricks…

Wax Paper tips & Tricks- Collage of different hacks to use wax paper

Clever Uses for Wax Paper That Everyone Should Know

Wax paper is something that you can find in almost every kitchen, in every home That’s why it is great to know these tips and hacks for other, everyday wax paper applications. You can start by checking out this short video that I created about wax paper tips and hacks that are sure to make your life so much easier!

1. Wax Paper Origami Boats

This is a fun and creative way that you can use that extra parchment paper that you have lying around in your kitchen. Just grab some and make a simple origami paper boat with your kids. The coated wax paper makes them particularly sea-worthy. It’s loads of fun for both you and the kids! They’ll love this craft that doubles as a STEM activity! Try making different sized boats, and see which floats best!

Picture of origami boat made from wax paper

2. Use Wax Paper as a Cleaner

This is such a neat way to use wax paper for something other than baking. You can clean the gears on your can opener by running a piece of wax paper through it. Doing so will loosen the built-up gunk, and it also coats the gears with wax, so they will run more smoothly. You can say goodbye to those nasty, gross can openers forever!

Picture of wax paper being used to clean can openers

3. Shine Those Faucets

There’s just something about wax paper that makes it an awesome cleaner! Make your chrome faucets shine like they just came out of the box by wiping them with wax paper. You’ll probably get them so shiny that you’ll be able to see your reflection!

wax paper tips 2

4. Create Your Own Decorative Wood Transfer

Calling all my DIY-ers and crafty people that are out there! This wax paper tip will make crafting so much easier! Did you know that you can run a piece of wax paper through your printer to create a decorative wood transfer? Well, now you know! This is a great way to add some creativity and fun to your home decor. You can also use it to make really neat gifts for others. Perfect for bridal shower gifts and housewarming presents.

Picture of wax paper in printer to make decorative wood transfer images

5. Clean Your Iron

I can’t get over how many different things you can clean with wax paper–and your iron is one of them!

Cool, right? Well, unless you’re like me, and just toss your clothes in the dryer to release wrinkles, and your iron is more of a paperweight {giggle}. Either way, this neat tip will have your iron looking brand spankin’ new!

All you have to do is:

  1. Lay a piece of wax paper on your ironing board.
  2. Add salt to the wax paper.
  3. Plug your iron in.
  4. Iron the salty, wax paper

It sounds totally weird, but it works! Neat, huh?

Picture of cleaning iron using salt and wax paper

6. Better Than a Swiffer!

I don’t know about you, but there’s nothing I hate more than constantly running my Swiffer through the house, yet never being able to pick up all of the dust off the floors. As handy and useful as a Swiffer can be, it just doesn’t seem to do the job of getting rid of those nasty little dust bunnies. But, you know that we have a way to fix that! It’s as simple as putting a sheet of wax paper on your Swiffer to get the dust off the floor.

Picture of wax paper on Swifer to pick up dust

7. Candle Decorations

Are you looking to spice up some of your old, boring candles? You know, the ones that you get any time you do a gift exchange? Or maybe you are decorating for a wedding and want to add a little personal touch to the candles for the ceremony and reception? You can add pretty images to your candles with this creative and easy wax paper tip!

Picture of wax paper being used to add images to candles

7. Cabinet Liner

Stop wasting your money buying that expensive shelf liner at the store. Instead, try putting some wax paper on top of your kitchen cabinets and drawer to keep the grease and dust off the wood. Just make sure that you change the wax paper sheets every few months to keep them fresh and clean! Your cabinets will thank you.

Picture of wax paper lining kitchen cabinets

8. Curtain Rod Cleaner

Everyone hates getting in the shower and having to jerk and pull the curtain before it will close. Guess what? Wax paper will fix that! Just rub some wax paper on your shower curtain rod to help the shower curtain rings glide more smoothly. No more fighting the shower curtain to close!

Picture of wax paper being used to clean shower curtain rod

10. Wax Paper Refrigerator Shelf Liners

Nothing is worse than opening your refrigerator and seeing gross and nasty shelves. There is a simple fix for that! Just add wax paper to your refrigerator shelves to make cleaning up a breeze. The wax paper makes the glass a non-stick surface so it’s easy to remove and replace.

Collage of wax paper being used as refrigerator shelf liner

11. Wax Paper Luminaries

There are more uses for wax paper than just using it to cook and clean! In fact, this wax paper tip is so pretty that you could even give it away as a gift. Use wax paper to make beautiful wax paper luminaries. This will add a soft light to any room in your home. You can even use them outdoors! They make a great wedding reception decoration.

Picture of Wax Paper Luminaries

12. DIY Wax Paper Treat Bags

Uh-oh! Are you having a birthday party or handing out trick-or-treat bags, but you forgot the bags? That’s okay! Just grab some wax paper and make your own treat bags, And just like that, wax paper has saved the day once again! Who knew?

Picture of wax paper treat bags

13. Wax Paper Tips: No More Sticky Zippers

If you have a perfectly good jacket or pair of favorite jeans with a sticky and stuck zipper, then we’ve got a perfect solution for that! All that you have to do is rub wax paper on the zipper to get it unstuck. Super simple, but oh so smart!

Picture of Wax paper being used to unstick zippers
Wax Paper Tips: No More Sticky Zippers from Fact Army

14. Garden Tool Cleaner

If you’re a gardening enthusiast, then you may want to put this handy little wax paper tip away for a rainy day! Rub wax paper on garden tools to prevent rust and to remove dirt and grime when necessary. Your tools will last longer and your garden will thank you!

Picture of wax paper being used to clean garden tools

15. DIY Wax Paper Icing Bags

It’s your little one’s special day and you promised to make them the best cake they’ve ever seen! Only, you have completely forgotten the icing bags and there’s no time to run out to get some. No worries! Just grab that handy-dandy wax paper out of the cabinet and make wax paper cones so that you can pipe icing onto cakes or cookies! What a brilliant idea!

Picture of Wax Paper Icing bags

16. Easy-to-Use Funnel

A funnel isn’t something that everyone has on hand. But, when you need one, you really need one! Right? How about creating an impromptu funnel using wax paper? It’s easy and doesn’t require as much room as buying an actual funnel!

Picture of wax paper funnel
Make an Easy-to-Use Funnel Out of Wax Paper from This Old House

Easy Wax Paper Tips that are Useful for Everyone

Wax paper has a variety of uses, other than for cooking and baking in the kitchen. These surprisingly easy wax paper tips and hacks are a great way to make sure that you don’t waste a single piece of wax paper in your home. No matter what you use wax paper for (crafts, cleaning, baking, or something else) you are sure to have a need for it at some point in your life!

We hope that these wax paper tips have given you some great ideas for creating new and clever hacks with your wax paper supply.

Collage of Different ways to use wax paper for cleaning, icing bag, and decorating

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If you’re looking for other ways to use everyday items, check these out:


Collage of Wax paper tips and tricks, wax paper origami, wax paper funnel

Which wax paper trick is your favorite?

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  1. I had no idea there were so many uses for wax paper! I can’t wait to try polishing up the faucets with it. It’s always so difficult to get them shiny!

  2. I knew about some of these uses for wax paper but I had no idea you could clean curtain rods with it! Thanks so much for these ideas!

  3. Wow! I had no idea there were so many amazing uses for wax paper. I’m looking forward to trying it to clean my house.

  4. I grew up with a mom who always had a box of wax paper in her kitchen drawer (and so do I!). But, boy, I sure didn’t know all these genius uses for wax paper!! It’s a very handy tool, isn’t it??!!

  5. I didn’t know I needed to know these – but I did! I tested the curtain rod and zipper ones right away – they work!! Thanks!