Cause we have all been in that place when we parked too close and then were terrified to open our car door!  Am I right?? Or even worse, you accidentally opened the car door too fast and nicked the paint on your neighbor? Never again. Seriously, don’t be that guy. Instead, you need some of these awesome car gadgets. They’ll save your sanity, my friends. I swear upon it.

And as you begin to age, you’ll find that there are nooks and crannies in your car that you never even knew were going to be an issue. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve reached between a seat and felt “something” that I really wasn’t brave enough to peek at. We can all get past these moments by being prepared for them or against them.

Car Gadgets You Wish You Had

Car Gadgets to Save your Sanity – and maybe even your insurance premiums

Get ready to be “wowed” by these awesome car gadgets. Your road trips are never going to be the same. I am so excited to figure things out for my car.

Say goodbye to stressing out over every little thing and instead try these awesome car hacks.

1. Silicone Muffin Tins as Storage Car Gadgets

All you need are some silicone muffin containers to put into your cup holders and you’ll have a simple storage container that won’t let anything fall out. Plus, they’re easy to remove and dishwasher safe! And don’t they just look lovely adding that aesthetic to your car? You can choose a color of your liking for this simple hack.

Silicone Cup Cakes Containers as Car Gadget

2. Removable Eating or Working Wheel Desk

Need to do some work on the road? That’s no problem with this working and eating tray for the car. You can simply pack your car somewhere and attend to that pressing report that is needed. Also, you can have your meals on it as though you were in your dining room and enjoy them while listening to your favorite jams.

Tray for eating and working car gadget

3. Foam/Rubber for Car Gadget Door

Tired of door dinging everything in close proximity. Simply add a piece of foam or rubber to your car door to alleviate that issue. Super handy if you have kids that rip opens the door as well. One of the amazing car gadgets you’ll thank yourself for having.

Foam rubber for your car door protection

4. Side Mirrors Rain-x-Wipes Car Gadget

Use Rain-x wipes on your side mirrors so that when it rains, the water just literally pours off. Crazy awesome considering those little mirrors don’t have any wipers to use and are a great need for the road, especially at night. Whoever thought of this car gadget must have been a genius. 

Side mirror wipes car gadget

5. Backseat Organizer As Car Gadget

How in the world does the back of the cars get so dirty? I swear it’s just like a big dumping ground back there. What I love about the hanging backseat organizer is that it keeps things up off the floor and in the arms reach of anyone reaching over the back.

Backseat car organizer gadget

6. Anti-slip Dashboard Phone Sticker As Car Gadget

Stick that phone to your dash so it never slides around again. I’m totally loving this idea. Plus, in states where you have to be hands-free, it can double as an awesome phone holder to let your phone be on the speaker to communicate as well. Also, your keys get a spot there and you don’t need to always look for them if misplaced. How genius of an idea!

Phone Dashboard Non-slip Pad Car Gadget

7. Camping Blow Up Mattress Car Gadget

Car camping is a thing. And it’s totally awesome. All you need is a simple blow-up mattress to make it even more real and comfy. Who says that you even need a tent or camper to camp? I’d take this setup any day. Especially since I am a road person and road trips are my type of thing. Speaking of them, I need one real soon. Haha!

Car Blowup Mattress Gadget

8. Storage Shoe Hangers

The organization skills of the backseat of this van are pretty on point. (I have a feeling that this van has never been cleaner!) Look at the shoe hangers over the back that are used to store snacks, sunscreen, swim diapers, and even some toys. This is a perfect gadget to have in the car for a family adventure to the beach.

Backseat shoe holder organizer car gadget

9.Toothpaste Headlights Cleaner

Whoever thought toothpaste was just meant for teeth got it all wrong. Hop into this car gadget trick. Did you know that you can do some serious cleaning with simple toothpaste and a rag? That powerful duo will take away the cloudiness over your headlights in a matter of seconds! I prefer Colgate as my toothpaste of choice – lol!

Toothpaste for cleaning car

But seriously, hard to believe that a little dab of toothpaste and some elbow grease will make a transformation you won’t believe your eyes.

Here is the before:

Before headlights are cleaned with toothpaste a car gadget hack

And here is the after…look at those babies shine! How amazingly clean!

After headlights cleaning with toothpaste as car gadget

9. Aux USB Hooker Car Gadget

This gadget is probably one of the best inventions, ever. It hooks into your car radio and lets it play on any phone – no matter how old the car is. It’s like getting a phone upgrade without actually paying at the rear for one. I have to get this for my old Nissan. Can’t wait to use it.

Aux Connector Car Gadget


10.Paintbrush Cleaning DIY Car Gadget

Have a paintbrush handy? Guess what, you’ve got your own little mini broom for your car. Paintbrushes are the perfect way to sweep out those window cracks to get rid of debris and crumbs. Plus they don’t easily wear out and if they do you can so easily get a replacement for them.


11. Paper Muffin DIY Car Gadget Trush

And remember all those little people sitting in the back of the car? They make messes, too. I like using paper muffin cups so that they are like little mini trash cans for them to use. Plus, they are easy to replace and are super cheap. You need not go out of your budget to get them for your car.

Cup cake liners for storing dirt in cars


12. Antenna Toppers Car Accessories

I’m all about hacks sprinkled in with some practicality. One of my favorite car gadgets? Halloween antenna topper for the antenna on the top of your car. How many times have you lost your car in the parking lot?

C’mon be honest. I have no shame in saying that I misplace my car at least once per week. Minimum. So what I’ve done is created some unique antenna toppers on my own to help me find my car without losing my mind. Genius? I think so.

Car antenna topper gadget

13.Keyboard Dust Cleaner Car Hack

Do you happen to have any keyboard cleaner in your house? You know what I’m talking about, right? The can of powerful air that can literally blow a baseball cap off the head with ease? That force of hair in the perfect car gadget because that burst of air can get dirt and debris out of any type of cracks.

Car Cleaner Adopted from Keyboard Cleaner

14. Slime As Car Gadget

One other little secret car gadget that I’m certain every parent in the world has handy? Slime...yep, you guessed it. Slime is AWESOME at picking up dirt off hard surfaces. Now trying to sneak it past your kids to use it in the car is a whole other story. But I know you can figure that out when you think of the way it’s going to be of help to your car.

slime car gadget


15. Essential Oils Car Freshener Gadget

While I wish I had money to buy new air fresheners all the time, I just don’t. So what that means is that I get to make my own. If you have some q-tips and essential oils, you can dip them in there and have them sitting in various areas of the car. The sun will warm up your car and have that smell perfect for when you get inside.

car ir freshner using essential oil


16.Duct Tape Bug Trapper Car Gadget

I’m also a huge fan of duct tape in our car. This is because I’m often annoyed by bugs and other flies. And let’s all be honest…how many times have you been driving down the road and had one or two annoying flies that just wouldn’t stop hitting you in the face? Put up a strip up duct tape and that problem will take care of itself in no time at all.

Duct tape to trap bugs and flies in car


17. Wagon Cooler/Warmer Car Gadget For Trips

Your drinks while traveling don’t need to be unpleasant when it comes to temperatures. You could add a car gadget to ensure you satisfy your thirst for a drink. A wagon cooler or warmer will definitely get you sorted since all you need is to regulate it depending on the weather.

Wagan cooler/warmer car gadget

There ya have it! 17 Car Gadgets and ideas that are certain to make your car a lot more interesting!

Additional car gadgets you might also need are:

  • Air purifier
  • Coffee maker for coffee lovers
  • Hand gel dispenser especially during Covid-19


Did you love the above car gadgets? You will  also love these car hacks:


Car gadgets you wish you had
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