Don’t let your car turn into a dumping ground of toys and trash. Check out these clever car hacks every mom should know to stay organized.

15 Car Hacks Every Mom Should Know

Sometimes it seems like we live out of our cars. The kids get bored quickly when they’re stuck in their seats, and the floors can quickly become littered with food wrappers, crumbs, art supplies and toys. No more! Here are 15 clever car hacks and organization tips that every mom should know. Don’t forget to check out our car cleaning tips for a super clean ride.

Car Organization Hacks

Keep a few shower caddies in your car for those busy evenings when the kids have to eat on the go. It keeps the mess contained, especially when your kiddo doesn’t have easy access to the car’s cupholders.

Car Organization Ideas

Car Organization Ideas

Keep a stash of plastic bags in your car to put dirty diapers in, use as barf bags or quickly clean up trash.

Use a cereal container as a slim trashcan for the car.

Freshen your car without expensive air fresheners. Add a few drops of your favorite essential oils to some pom poms, glue them to a clothespin, and clip the clothespin to your vents.

Getting takeout for a large group? Put a muffin tin in a laundry basket to manage all those drinks!

Create a car binder to keep track of oil changes, tune ups, insurance papers and more.

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Easy Car Hacks to Organize the Car

Add silicone cupcake liners to your cup holders to keep them clean. You know how sticky those can get when drinks spill or leak!

Carabiners and pouches allow you to keep your kids’ sunglasses, toys, etc. within easy reach, even if they’re in booster seats.

This road trip hack is genius when you’re traveling with kids. Put specified times on sticky notes, and hang those below your car’s clock. When the clock displays that time, give the kids a surprise. It helps break up the monotony of the trip and gives them something to look forward to at regular intervals.

Cover bucket seats with crib sheets.  They fit perfectly and protect car upholstery from foot scuffs from your rear facing kiddos.

A clip-on pocket near the driver’s side is a true lifesaver. Stash pens, coins, lip gloss and your phone within easy reach.


Did you forget your favorite travel mug? Use cling wrap to make a regular mug into an emergency backup travel mug. Not 100% spill proof, but the splashes will be a LOT less!

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Car Hacks for Moms

Clear shoe organizers are a must in the car. Keep everything from a spare outfit and shoes to toys, games and snacks.

A back-of-the-seat organizer with a phone holster is brilliant, especially if you don’t have a DVD player to entertain the kids on long trips.

A clipboard with plain white paper and a travel wipes container filled with crayons can keep your kids busy and happy in the car.

Zipper pockets and a nice basket for the trunk can help you keep everything organized, from your kids’ art supplies to a travel first aid kit.

One mom uses hanging shower caddies (they look like shoe organizers) to keep her car spic and span. Seriously, it’s the most organized car we’ve ever seen. Take a look!