Nothing starts a morning off right quite like having a hot, delicious breakfast. And if you have a crazy sweet tooth like I do, French toast is the stuff dreams are made of. We’ve put together 17 of our favorite French toast recipes for the sweetest, tastiest breakfasts you’ll find anywhere. Looking for more breakfast ideas? We’ve got ’em!

French Toast Breakfasts You'll Want to Eat All Day

French Toast Recipes You’ll Love Waking Up To

This Blueberry French Toast Casserole is the perfect make-ahead breakfast. Won’t your family love waking up to this?


You don’t see many savory french toast recipes, but this is the best of savory and sweet: a Monte Cristo French Toast casserole. Ham, Swiss cheese and turkey sandwiches are topped with a sweet berry syrup. Yum!


You can’t get much sweeter than an Apple Pie French Toast Bake. Soft French toast, cinnamon apples and a crunchy topping… bliss.


Chocolate Peanut Butter Banana French Toast is just as decadent as it sounds. The kids will gobble this up (even the pickiest of eaters)!


Caramel Banana French Toast is another excellent make-ahead breakfast that’s filled with caramel banana sauce and topped with even more caramel. You can never have too much caramel.


This girl’s French toast game is on point! Not only did she come up with the Apple Pie French Toast (above), but she also put together this amazingly decadent Red Velvet French Toast. Cake for breakfast? That’s my kind of girl.


Cinnamon rolls are a favorite sweet breakfast for us, but you can make things even easier by making a Cinnamon Roll French Toast Casserole. No fussing with individual buns.


I’ve never met a s’more I didn’t like, so I know this S’mores French Toast recipe will be a winner.


For the holidays, you can’t miss this Gingerbread French Toast with Cinnamon Honey Sauce. It’ll become a holiday tradition for sure!


Or try Eggnog French Toast for another holiday twist on a breakfast classic.


When cravings hit in the fall, you know that this Overnight Caramel Apple French Toast will satisfy your sweet tooth.


Get the flavor of a warm, delicious loaf of banana bread in this simple Banana Bread French Toast recipe.


When spring and summer arrive, I crave citrusy, fresh flavors in all my foods, especially breakfast. So while this Baked Overnight Lemon French Toast is technically a hot breakfast, it has a light lemon flavor that when paired with whipped cream and fresh berries is an absolute delight.


Can you imagine how excited your kids will be to wake up and find this Cake Batter French Toast?


Not gonna lie… I’d probably pair this Overnight Peach French Toast with a big dollop of vanilla ice cream and a sprinkle of cinnamon and sugar.


And I’d eat this Pumpkin French Toast Bake any time of day. Just sayin’.


The four best words ever strung together: Pecan Pie French Toast. You guys! It’s one of my favorite desserts in breakfast form. *Swoon*


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