Not a morning person? Neither are we. Why lie! It really becomes a struggle to just get things done and ready for the day in the morning with puffy eyes and an irritable mood.  And sometimes even the best morning people have a night where they can’t sleep. Hopefully, you can wake up earlier with just a few changes for a healthy morning routine. Your day job doesn’t have to be forgone or done in a sluggish/ill-tempered mood anymore. You can give it as much energy as you give your night activities.
Healthy morning routines for night owls

Amazing Morning Tips For Night Owls

We’ve put together 16-morning tips for night people that are game-changer.

You are allowed by all means to use as many as you’d like. Coz why not!  Even a couple of adjustments can help you wake up bright-eyed and bushy-tailed.

1. Move Alarm Clock Across Room For Healthy Morning Routine

Move your alarm clock across the room. If you have to get up to turn off anyway, you might as well stay up instead of hitting the snooze button. It gets so hard to resist the urge to do this but once your feet are from the warm blankets it sure gets way much easier. I tried this and it worked perfectly for me.

2. Set Breakfast Table Night Before

Set your table for breakfast the night before so you can start a healthy morning routine. Don’t settle for a cup of coffee and a stick of gum; sit down to a bowl of cereal, a cup of yogurt, some fresh fruit with breakfast balls. The more prepared you are you always look forward to enjoying that breakfast in the morning coz it is a meal o its own.

Morning routine breakfast balls hack

3. Pre Prepare Kids’ Lunchboxes

Get your kids’ lunchboxes ready the night before. Even better, teach them how to pack their own lunches by keeping everything they need within easy reach. This way it gets easier to have them prepare in the morning and hasten a little bit of the normally much wasted time. Reducing the morning tasks to be performed lightens the load for parents. So parents in the house you’ve got this tip to run with.

4. Awake Look From Makeup Tricks

Pare down your beauty routine. Use easy makeup tricks to look awake, alert, and polished. The tricks are so easy to try out and give you the look that you so much struggle on getting. This secret fools people and has you looking all upright and enthusiastic for the day.

Makeup hacks for morning routine to show that you are active

5. Get Clothes Ready Early a For Healthy Morning Routine

Another best morning routine tip is to get out your clothes for the next day before retiring to bed… Seriously, you’ll be surprised at how much smoother your morning goes if you don’t have to decide what to wear when you have morning fog in your brain. Also, you can plan your week’s wear during the weekend and have each day’s attire ready for the designated day.

6. Clean Up Prior to Bed

Get your early mornings looking all glorious by tidying up before bed. It’s refreshing waking up to a reasonably clean house, and it sets the stage for your targeted healthy morning routine. Honestly, a clean space sets my day’s mood right and makes me wanna wake up and get on with my day’s set tasks. Clean freaks can attest to this.

Clean up before bed time for healthy morning routine

7. Make Next Day’s To-Do List

Make your to-do list the night before. If you spend half your morning trying to figure out where to even begin working, this will be a real lifesaver for you. And it only takes 5-10 minutes to do! I am so down to this way of having an easy morning and day planned out. Knowing what to do sets me in a cruise-like mood coz everything to be done is well laid out in my diary.

8. Turn Off Phone/TV Earlier

Turn off the electronics 30-60 minutes before bed. Electronic devices stimulate brain activity, and that’s why you may find it harder to fall asleep after a marathon Netflix session while texting your best friend on your smartphone. Shocker: Turning your phone off for a few hours during the day, too, can help you be more productive. I promise my phone distracts me more times in a day than I am willing to count.

9. Checklists For Healthy Morning Routine

Follow the same healthy morning routine every day. It might sound boring, but getting into a morning routine will simplify your life because you know exactly what you’re doing next, and it’s really helpful for kids, too. Use a checklist for a while until your mornings are on autopilot. Ticking against the list motivates one to have things accomplished and more so acts as an accountability platform.

10. Simple Morning Hair Updos

Speaking of morning routines, it’s time to change up how you do your hair. Instead of spending 30 minutes (or more) trying to get it to look perfect, try simple updos that you can do in seconds. They save up so much time for you that you can channel to other activities that are more pressing and energy demanding. I know short hair people are flexing through this tip coz theirs is a more easy morning. Long hair people can also enjoy their mornings as long as they plan for their hairstyles way earlier and make them as simple as possible.

Easy Morning Routine Hair Updos

11. Get To Bed Earlier

For a productive morning, turn in earlier. It may seem impossible for us night owls but start in small increments. Turn in 15-30 minutes earlier over the course of a few weeks until you’ve reached at least an hour earlier than your current bedtime. The pattern sticks progressively and you find yourself getting enough sleep as you’d love to before morning comes. According to yourself enough sleeping hours revamps your system in the morning and keeps it energized throughout the day.

12. Keep Healthy Morning Routine Alive on Weekends

Stick with your new routine on weekends. It’s tempting to sleep in, especially if the kids aren’t up yet, but you shouldn’t. When you sleep more than an hour or two past your normal waking time, you’ll pay for it on Monday morning when you try to get back into the swing of things. A break off from your routine changes how your brain is wired and makes it all the harder to keep up with what you had set yourself to accomplish.

13. Healthy Morning Routine Accomplishment Rewards

Reward yourself for getting up when you’re supposed to. Whether it’s a few minutes reading your favorite blog (we suggest this one!) or drinking a delicious smoothie without interruption, having something to look forward to can make a huge difference in your morning routine. Who does always want to reward themselves for the efforts made however small! I definitely would buy myself chocolate bars to have as my reward whenever my morning routine is all accomplished and a part of me.

Rewards for beating sleep and having the healthy morning routine

14. Set Best Song For Morning Alarm

Find a song that gets you moving and set that as your alarm on your phone. Who can go back to sleep with a peppy tune playing? That sound is enough to make me lose all the sleep I have as it energizes me and leaves me wanting to get started with the day. Sluggish songs tend to somewhat leave you wanting to snooze the alarm and sleep in a few more seconds which turn to minutes then hours without you realizing it.

15. Pull Back Curtains Before Bed

Another out of the conventional morning routine is to pull back the curtains and open the blinds at night, if you’re comfortable doing that. The morning light may naturally wake you up peacefully instead of waiting for that harsh buzz of the alarm clock. At least with this one you don’t have to be surprised that it is finally morning. You are comfortable with realizing it is already waking up hours.

16.Freshen Up Pre-Bed Time For a Healthy Morning Routine

If you have thick hair (like me), shower the night before and let your hair air dry. That can save you at least 10-15 minutes the next day, making your morning much less hectic. Besides not waiting for your hair to dry, there are several more benefits to showering at night, including getting a better night’s sleep and crawling into bed clean instead of dirtying up your sheets.

17. Cup of Coffee Energizer Morning Routine

Enjoy a cup of coffee if that’s your thing. One cup can give you a little caffeine boost to get you going, but overindulging actually has the opposite effect. For those that coffee works, I wish I were you at times. That thing never works on me. It’s as though my cup always has water and not caffeine. But oh well! I think we all react differently to things. To you who’s a coffee lover, set aside your energizer cup for the morning.

Morning routine tips for night owls

The first step to win yourself is wake up early – Sukant Ratnakar.

Enjoyed the above healthy morning routine tips? Here are more hacks to get prepared and make your days lighter for you:

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