The new school year is quickly approaching! Use these tips to make back to school organization a snap so that you get started on the right foot.

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Summer goes by SO fast, and before you know it, you will be on the hunt for back to school organization ideas to make heading back to school a smooth transition.

The perfectionist in me loves to get stuff all planned out, organized, and ready for back to school. The tips I’m sharing today are amazing and versatile enough to work for both homeschool and public school kids.

I have it all here: daily charts, a back-to-school calendar, and so much more so you can get your home and kids ready for heading back to school.

Bonus: I’m even sharing how to create a homework station for your child to sit down and finish up any school work they came home with!

Psst… Don’t forget to check out fun back to school photo ideas for that first day of school memories.

Top Back to School Organization Tips For Moms Everywhere

It seems like summer flies by, which makes sense because you always have tons of fun! Towards the end of summer is the time to plan ahead and get things ready before the school bell rings.

Transitioning from the summer to the school year is a process! Some things that we do to help with the transition back include:

  • Going over our ‘back to school’ morning schedule
  • Getting supplies purchased
  • Figuring out how we want to organize our school supplies
  • Getting the kids adjusted to going to bed earlier and waking up earlier so that when the school year begins we don’t feel like chaos has hit our home

If you’re wondering how to be organized for school, check out the ideas below!

Children’s Lunch Checklist | Organized 31

This lunchbox checklist is great for older kids who are learning how to pack their own lunch. They can refer to this free printable to ensure they have all items needed for their lunch.

Kids lunch checklist image with school items in the background

Kids’ Daily Routine Checklists | Saving Dollars and Sense

Check out this kid’s daily routine checklist! There is are three different checklists you can use:

  • Morning
  • After school
  • Bedtime routine

This is great to have to help keep your child accountable for the task they need to complete each day.

collage image of kids routine printables

Homework Station | Moms Confession

Learn how to make a homework station that is functional and will be very useful for your child. They can sit down in a designated area and have to tools they need to focus on tackling their work.

Homework Station image from Moms Confession

College Supply List Printable | Organized 31

If your teen is heading off to college you might like to get ahead of the game with this basic college supply list. You can purchase some of the basic items they will need for college.

basic college supplies shopping list with college supplies in the background

School Morning Routine Chart | Fun With Mama

Print out this free morning routine printable and help your kiddos take responsibility for getting themselves ready each morning!

This handy interactive chart helps keep them aware of all the tasks they need to tackle in order to get ready for the day. No more forgetting to brush their teeth!

kids school morning routine chart

Girls Back to School Capsule Wardrobe | Everyday Savvy

Here is a great article for a back to school outfit capsule to help you learn to buy staple items and mix & match those items. Buying fewer (but interchangeable) clothes is easier on the wallet – and the laundry chore!

Note: This specific post is for girls, but you can get inspiration for a boys wardrobe as well down below.

girls capsule wardrobe image

Boys Back to School Capsule Wardrobe | Everyday Savvy

But, if you want to see ideas for boys in action, check out this back to school outfit capsule teenage boys, too.

It’s really a great method for finding staple clothes to use for a handful of outfits so you don’t spend as much.

boys capsule wardrobe image

Printable School Planning Set | Saving Dollars and Sense

I love this printable school planning set because it has it all. School planner, homework chart, school schedule, and so much more! It’s a great way to have a bunch of sheets to keep track of it all.

School Planning Kit for back to school organization

Organize School Papers | Living Well Mom

Learn how to organize papers your child brings home from school so you can easily keep it in place and have a way to look back as the years pass.

DIY school paper organizer

Teen Homework Area | The Organized Housewife

Check out these tips for helping your teen to hit the books and study and tackle their homework without fussing so much (or doing homework in front of the TV).

I love the great tips they share in this article!

creating a teen homework station

Homework Station Turntable | Mom on Timeout

I love this easy homework turntable. You can easily organize all the items your kiddo might need while doing homework – this system keeps all within reach!

It’s great for homes with minimal space.

DIY homework station turntable to keep school supplies organized

Mementos Keeper | Organizing Junkie

This mementos keeper is genius for keeping track of the special pictures your child draws, school work, and more. You can flip through it like a photo album.

Make a new one for each school year to keep items easy to find and organized.

3-ring binder DIY mementos keeper

There you go! With these back to school organization ideas, you’ll be more prepared for the new school year than ever!

What is one thing you do that helps you stay organized for back to school?

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