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Want to throw a summer soiree that your friends and neighbors won’t soon forget? It’s easier than you think! We’ve found some fun, fabulous and most importantly, easy summer party ideas that anyone can do. They’re not expensive… they’re not difficult. But they’ll take your party from “eh” to “amazing” in no time flat.

Summer time is party time and nobody likes their parties looking the same as everyone else. Check out these great and unique DIY party ideas and tips.

Easy Summer Party Ideas

Put together a self-serve ice cream sundae bar. Add ice cream to mason jars, and put them on ice. Set out all the toppings and some spoons, and your guests are all set!

summer party ideas 1


Keep bugs out of your drinks with cupcake liners. It’s so simple, but so GENIUS!

summer party ideas 11


Serve watermelon on popsicle sticks. It cuts down on the mess, plus it’s cute!

summer party ideas 2


Keep beverages cold with frozen water balloons. It adds a bit of color and fun to the beverage bucket, don’t you think?


Use spray paint to create an outdoor twister game for your party guests. Fun!

summer party ideas 4


Don’t forget the sunscreen! What kind of hostess would you be if your guests went home with sunburn?

summer party ideas 5


Create pretty, colorful banners on the cheap with paint chips!

summer party ideas 6


A backyard movie night is a great idea for a summer party. Just hang a sheet, and project the movie onto the background. Easy, and the kids (and neighbors) will love it!

summer party ideas 14


Serve chips, pretzels and other snacks in beach pails with shovels to portion them out. Cute!

summer party ideas 19


Serve something healthy (and pretty). Put blueberries and strawberries in wax paper cones for easy consumption.

summer party ideas 7


Speaking of healthy things, veggies and dip can be served in individual cups to avoid a pile-up at the buffet table.

summer party ideas 9


Make a splash with a beach ball arch! All you need are some beach balls, inner tubes and glue.

summer party ideas 15


Looking for something easy to serve that’s kid-friendly as well? Walking Tacos are where it’s at! Put all the taco fixings in the individual chip bags, and that’s that.

summer party ideas 18

When you don’t have enough table space, go vertical. Check out these disposable platters!

Entertaining at night? Insert glow sticks into several balloons and toss them in the pool for a night swim.

summer party ideas 8


Decorate with painted pineapples. Fun and festive!

summer party ideas 12


It’s just not a summer party without a build your own S’mores station.

summer party ideas 16


Add flavor to drinks while keeping them cold — freeze fruit to plop into your cups instead of ice. Grapes work well, as do citrus fruits!

summer party ideas 10


Keep bugs at bay with these summertime candles in a jar. They’re made with citronella, and they smell and look great!

summer party ideas 17


Set up a squirt gun refill station for the kids (or for the grownups… no judging here).

summer party ideas 13


Easy Summer Party Ideas