Is your fridge in need of a little TLC? Below I will share how to clean your fridge in 30 minutes or less. With this simple step-by-step method, you will have a clean fridge in no time! These tips and tricks will get your fridge cleaned and sanitized and most of all organized. Nothing is worse than finding an old cottage cheese container never opened but expired stashed in the back of the fridge.

Clean Your Fridge In 30 Minutes

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How to Clean Your Fridge in 30 Minutes or Less

The refrigerator gets used daily, and can really take a beating! You might find spills, odd odors, or old food that should have been tossed weeks ago. A clean fridge helps your food stay fresher longer, and it looks so much nicer!

How to Clean Your Fridge Step-by-Step

Empty Fridge Out 

Now, this is a step you can do all at once, or do shelf by shelf as you clean. Either way works, I personally like removing it all at once. Create two piles, leftover food and items that need to be tossed out, and items that go back into your fridge. Put the items that go back in your fridge in a cooler to keep them cold while you work.

Soak Drawers & Bins

By allowing these to pre-soak during the process, you’ll save time by working on other areas, while making it easier to remove stuck-on grime.

Clean Inside of Fridge

Mix vinegar and warm water at a 1:1 ratio. Add a little dish soap to the mix, and start washing down shelves and walls of the fridge.

Follow this simple refrigerator organization hack, to clean your fridge fast!

Wipe Down Jars and Containers

Sometimes the jelly might be leaking a little or the ketchup cover had a mind of its own. Wiping down and inspecting all the containers and jars will help you keep your fridge cleaner longer. Then place the jars and containers back into the fridge as you go.

Put Items Back

With everything out of the fridge, it makes it easier to organize. Plus, you can save yourself some money by knowing exactly what you need to buy during grocery shopping trips.

This truly is a quick and easy way to clean your fridge. You don’t have to feel like it takes you forever to get it done. If you keep up on cleaning it, you can get done a lot faster!

Quick Tip: You can buy disposable shelf liner, that you can lay out on your shelves. It is an anti-bacterial, anti-oil, waterproof liner. You simply lay then down onto your shelves before putting your food pack. They make cleanup even easier. When you go to clean fridge just take them out and wash and dry them! They will save you a lot of time scrubbing stuck-on gunk inside your fridge!

clean fridge

If you want a disposable shelf liner, use plastic wrap and cut to size of shelves and stick it on. Then when you are done, take it out, toss and lay down a new one!

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