The kitchen is the hub of the home, so it’s no wonder that things get so disorganized so quickly! Use these smart kitchen storage solutions to give everything a place of its own without taking up more room than you can afford. Need more kitchen tips? Check out 12 Clever Ways to Organize Kitchen Drawers and Cabinets!


Kitchen Storage Solutions You’ll Wish You Had Thought Of Sooner

What a genius way to store your dishwashing gloves, with clothespins on the inside of your kitchen cabinets. They will be dry and organized! Smart.

Kitchen storage idea for cabinet doors

Chalkboard paint is amazing! You can use it to organize your kitchen in so many ways. In this blog’s example, they took chalkboard paint and painted the tops of mason jar lids. Then used chalk to label the contents! This is a genius way to store food stuff in the kitchen – easy to swap out when you use the jar for a different ingredient.


Create a discreet charging station for your phones with an old bread box. Isn’t that clever?

charging station


Bulk Food Storage Idea – If you are like us and love buying beans, rice and granola in bulk this trick will not only help you save money, and keep your food lasting longer in storage, it will also make your stockpile easier to manage!

Kitchen food storage idea using soda bottles

Is your junk drawer complete chaos? Use old egg cartons and muffin tin liners to organize your odds and ends.

egg carton organizers

Do you have a tiny kitchen with limited counter space? We do too!! One of our readers lives in military base housing and this is her counter space! What a great way to multiply the space while still seeing the fruits and veggies you have waiting to be eaten – stackable bins to the rescue!


Slide a CD rack into one of your drawers for upright lid storage. It’s so easy to find the lid you need when they’re not a jumbled mess!

cd rack for lid storage

Save drawer space by putting your foil and plastic wrap on hooks on the back of the pantry door.

foil and plastic wrap storage


Speaking of back-of-the-door storage, towel bars are excellent for keeping lids to pots and pans in place. Hang one above your range, too, to put lids there while you’re stirring.

towel bars to store lids


A small pantry isn’t a problem when you utilize over-the-door shelving to take advantage of every inch of space.

over the door shelving


Make magnetic spice jars out of old baby food jars. Then, put them on the side of your fridge instead of taking up valuable cabinet space. Love!

baby food jars for spices

A magazine file is the perfect size for storing small cans of soup, veggies, sauces and more.

magazine rack for canned goods


Want the convenience of pull-out drawers but can’t find room in the budget? These fake pull-out drawers are a terrific alternative. Just find some plastic bins to fit your cabinets, and you’re all set.

fake pull-out drawers


Magazine files are also perfectly sized for storing your family’s water bottles.

water bottles in magazine files


Do you have an old spice rack you’re no longer using for spices? It may just make the perfect K-cup organizer!

spice rack k cup organizer


Store wet sponges and brushes in a wire basket under the sink. This still allows them to air dry, but they’re not cluttering up your sink.

sponges and sink stoppers


Hang measuring spoons inside your cabinet door so they’re always handy, yet out of the way.

measuring spoons inside cabinet door


Store baking sheets and muffin tins vertically in a basket. They’re so much easier to find that way.

magazine basket for cupcake pans


Let’s face it… trash and recycle bins are unattractive, so you don’t want them taking up floor space in your kitchen. Set up a pull out garbage and recycle system in one of your cabinets instead.

pull out trash and recycle bins


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