Whether you love being in the kitchen, or getting in and out as quickly as you can, there are a number of ways you can organize your drawers and cabinets to make your time in the kitchen much easier. Learn how to organize your kitchen with these creative solutions.

There are a number of ways you can tidy up your kitchen drawers and cabinets. Learn how to organize your kitchen with these creative solutions.

Kitchen Cabinet Tip

Don’t hunt for your kitchen measurements or conversion charts! Use the inside of your cabinet doors to help organize and meal plan!

kitchen cabinet organizer idea

Corkboard Tiles

If you have a wide drawer that is home for multiple kinds of kitchen tools, invest in a few corkboard tiles that you can place in the drawer (and even cut to size if needed) to keep your gadgets from slipping all over the place every time you open and close the drawer.

Corkboard Tiles

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Expandable Drawer Dividers

These are relatively inexpensive but give you a HUGE bang for your buck. These dividers use tension to stay in place, and are 100% customizable – make one section of your drawer super slim for straws or other small items. Make the other side of your drawer larger for those awkwardly shaped tools. Put 2, or 3, or 5 inserts in your drawer. Whatever you need, you can make it happen with these!

Expandable Drawer Dividers

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Add a Towel Bar on the Outside of Your “Fake” Drawer

Usually, the drawer in front of the sink is a fake one, just there for aesthetics – utilize that front of the drawer by installing a towel bar!

Towel Bar

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Separate Containers From Lids

With just a simple board cut to size, you can separate your containers from their lids – this will gain a lot of space because you aren’t trying to store containers with the lids on top.

Separate Lids

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Make Your Own Customized Drawer Organizer

With a very small amount of lumber, cut and glued to size, you can create a completely customized drawer organizer based on exactly what you have. Everything will easily have its very own home in your drawer.

Customized Drawer Organizer

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Deep Drawers

Think vertical! If you like having your utensils standing upright, go with that! Have a drawer built into your kitchen that can hold your utensils vertically. Organizing similar utensils makes it super easy to find what you need at a quick glance.

Deep Drawers

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Add Dividers to the Cabinet Above the Fridge

If you have a cabinet above your fridge, it’s very likely that the space is underutilized. It’s so hard to get up there – whether you’re tall or short! By adding some dividers, you can create usable space for cutting boards or cookie sheets that make it easy to get stuff in and out.

Above Fridge Tray Divider

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Hold Your Lids in Place With a Tension Rod

If you have a deep drawer where you store bakeware, but can’t ever seem to make all the pieces AND their lids fit correctly, try a tension rod near the front of the drawer. Leave just enough room to slip in the lids.

Tension Rod

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Use a Pegboard Inspired Drawer System

You can purchase this kind of system, or DIY it pretty easily. Place your pegboards in the drawer based on the cookware you have, and never worry about having to juggle a tall stack of glassware dishes to get the one you need that’s inevitably on the very bottom of the stack.

Pegboard Organizer

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Store Utensils Diagonally

Most of us have some shorter utensils, and at least a few really long utensils. This usually means wasted space whether you store them vertically or horizontally…but it doesn’t have to be that way! Make the most of the space in your drawers by storing them diagonally.


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Tension Rod to The Rescue!

This is a genius idea for under your sink in the kitchen. A tension rod will get a large number of cleaning bottles off the floor, clearing up tons of space in there.

Tension Rod 2

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Create Zones in Your Kitchen

Creating zones in your kitchen is one of THE best ways to manage your space – by taking some time to be strategic about where you place things in your kitchen, you can create more space and make sure every bit of it is usable.


Source: cleanmama


We all love a little help in the kitchen, whether you have a passion for cooking and/or baking, or whether your time spent in the kitchen is out of a necessity to feed yourself and your family. Either way, we hope you’re excited about some of these ideas to get your kitchen drawers and cabinets in tip-top shape! Which one will you try out first?

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