I can smell Latte and Mocha all over. Coffee is that morning thing most of us wake up to. Just after taking a shower or even before, we rush to our coffee maker and brew some coffee to give us that morning wake-up kick and energy. Though on the flip side, in as much as the beverage is loved by many, coffee addiction is a real thing, y’all. So mind your levels of intake and frequency. We’ve already shared our favorite coffee-infused foods, lots of interesting ways to use the coffee maker, and even our favorite coffee importer. But now we’ve put together a list of coffee tips that you need in your life in order to make the perfect cup of Joe as well as some ideas to just improve the coffee-making experience.

To be honest, there are days when I feel my coffee levels in my cup are low and on other days I feel the taste is just right. Being consistent in getting it right is sometimes really hard. So these tips for your perfect cup are going to be a lifesaver as I am slowly learning to get it always right. You too can achieve the exact right taste for your cup. And get to enjoy coffee in more ways than the conventional ones you are accustomed to. So let’s enjoy these coffee tips together. Shall we?

15 coffee tips for your perfect cup of coffee

Coffee Tips for the Perfect Cup of Joe

1. Coffee Popsicles

Guess what, you can still have your coffee even on those very hot days. And you don’t have to sweat while doing that. You can cool yourself with some ice-cold coffee goodies for yourself. Simply make coffee popsicles for those days when you need a caffeine boost but it’s just too darn hot for a steaming cup of java. This idea is just so unique and just takes a couple of hours for the popsicles to form in your freezer. So easy to make.

Popsicles made of coffee for the hot days

2. Coffee Ice Cubes

My coffee experiences are certainly the best. I love my coffee dark with honey. During summer I always long for iced coffee and at times get my coffee not as good as when it is normal. My mistake has been using ice cubes made the regular way. But now I know better.

Don’t be like me and water down your iced coffee with regular ice cubes. Make coffee ice cubes instead so you still have that rich coffee flavor as the ice cubes melt.

Ice cubes made of coffee

3. Milk Ice Cubes

Or how about some milk ice cubes to cool down your morning cup of coffee? I know some people like theirs scalding, but I still enjoy functioning taste buds, so I prefer to cool mine down a bit. Instead of waiting for it to cool down by itself, have these milk ice cubes do the job for you. Plus they add to your coffee a much more creamy milky taste! And better yet save you time and give protection over burns on your tongue.

milk cubes for cooling hot steaming coffee

4. Coffee, Sugar & Milk Iced Cubes

Even better, put coffee, milk, and sugar all together in the ice trays so that all you have to do is toss in your cubes, and you’re ready to rock. This helps maintain your coffee flavors and makes it easier and quicker. You don’t need to think of the proportions as the cubes do that for you. Yours is to add till you feel your coffee is right where you need it to be.

5. Espresso French Press

Fourth on my list of favorite coffee types is Espresso. That strong coffee scent and taste is a die for the thing. And there’s no substitute for an espresso machine, but you can get a nice, strong coffee (with espresso-like flavor) using your French press. With this guide on how to, you can’t go wrong with enjoying your espresso cup of Joe.

Expresso French press coffee tip

6. Coffee Jelly

No need to toss out your leftover coffee. Use it to create coffee jelly. When topped with some thick whipped cream, it makes a tasty dessert for the coffee lover. This is a simple to make recipe as it entails deep flavored coffee, sweetened with sugar, solidified into a jiggly mass, and topped with a lightly whipped vanilla cream. Sounds so interestingly delicious. Trying out new recipes for family and friends’ hangouts and dinners involves going all the way with them. And this coffee jelly is just it.

coffee jelly for dessert

7. Quick Iced Coffee Recipe

Busy people with tight schedules and need your caffeine beverage still, there’s a simple hack for you that can be done within two minutes. When you don’t have time to cold brew your coffee (who does?), use this instant coffee trick to make your own homemade iced coffee in less than two minutes. Think of all the money (and time)  you’ll save!

The recipe involves coffee granules, creamy milk of your choice, few tablespoons of water, and iced coffee cubes. In no time you get to enjoy your coffee without even noticing you made it.

Instant iced coffee tip

8. Coffee For Camping

I am a great lover of outdoor activities that involving going away for a few days. Camping is my favorite of these activities. But most of the time I don’t get to enjoy the luxuries that a home setup offers. Like coffee mornings. But with this coffee tip over here, I am certainly making it my routine whenever I step out for days. You too can.

You just have to wrap fresh coffee grounds in a coffee filter (tied with dental floss) to take on the go so you can make the perfect cup of coffee even while you’re camping. So easy and convenient for you.

Coffee for camping and hiking

9.Cold Brew Coffee

Make your own cold brew coffee concentrate at home with a mason jar and a nut milk bag (or cheesecloth). A little goes a long way, so once you learn how to do it, it’s a really thrifty way to make your own iced coffees at home. The taste of this cold-brewed coffee is so smooth and priceless that you will wish you knew it yesterday.

Cold brewed coffee tip

10. Steamed Milk

Coffee with steamed milk, the cappuccino way, slaps differently when it is perfectly done. Want to know the secret of foamy steamed milk? The milk has to be really cold. The colder it is, the more foam you’ll get. Make your coffee experience better by knowing how to go about with the ingredients that you use for it. This tip is definitely a life changer!

Steamed milk coffee tip

11. Pinch of Salt to Coffee

Not everyone is cut to do the strong coffee taste. Is your coffee a little too bitter for your liking? Add a pinch of salt to the coffee grounds or directly to your cup after it’s brewed. It really works! It gets rid of the bitter taste of coffee leaving you with a smooth taste in your mouth. You don’t have to cringe every time you sip from your cup when you’ve got this amazing tip.

Salt to get rid of bitter taste of coffee

12. Cinnamon in Coffee

Another coffee tip is to put cinnamon in your coffee as a healthier alternative to sweeteners. Bonus: Cinnamon gives you a nice cognitive boost, too! Plus it is known for health benefits such as reducing blood sugar and cholesterol levels. It sure smells good and blends so well with the taste of coffee. Such a great combo.

Cinnamon in Coffee Tip

13.Caramel Marshmallow Coffee Creamer

Cream for your morning cup of Joe can be quite expensive at times. You however don’t have to spend all your cash on cream when there is a cheaper alternative. So stop spending money on store-bought creamers. You can make your own at home, like this delish coffee creamer. The recipe is so easy to follow and gives awesome results. Try it! Lots more flavors in this guide!

Caramel marshmallow coffee creamer

14. Coffee Time Tracker

Freshly brewed coffee tastes a whole better and keeps you all excited. People often share coffee machines in public spaces such as book stores or even in offices. At times you find yourself wanting to take coffee but ain’t sure whether it’s fresh. Use two coffee cups to indicate when the coffee was made in the shared pot at work. That’s genius! Never drink stale coffee again.

time coffee was made cups to tell whether coffee is fresh

15. Butter in Coffee

You are maybe wondering why are so many people putting butter in coffee? Adding fat helps your body absorb the caffeine, so your coffee offers an even better boost than ever. Better still, it can help you in better memory performance, get you edgy in your next workout, and help you lose weight. So for those who look after their weight gain, this coffee tip will make sure you got your calories in check.

Buttered coffee

What goes best with a cup of coffee? Another cup – Henry Rollins

Have You Enjoyed the Above Coffee Tips We Lined Up for You? Here are More Coffee Tips that Will Get You Sitting on the Edge of Your Seat!

Tips for your best cup of coffee

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