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Not long ago we were given a bunch of tennis balls. We also went to nearby tennis courts and found lots of tennis balls everywhere! “What should we do with them?” I pondered. I didn’t have to look long to find that people have, of course, found lots of useful tennis ball uses. Okay, some of them aren’t that practical to recycle, but most are pretty handy. So, if you have some in your garage or the kids’ playroom, put them to use!

15 Crazy But Useful Tennis Ball Hacks

Weird and Wacky Tennis Ball Uses

Watch our video to learn how to hack old tennis balls to make this adorable holder for important papers, money, keys, etc. It’s seriously so handy! We have one in the garage.


If you have a Monsters, Inc. fan in your home, upcycle and make this tennis ball Mike Wazowski coin holder!

tennis ball hacks 2


Make some small hand weights to use on your deck by filling a tennis ball with pennies. Every bit of exercise adds up, right? Great grip!

tennis ball hacks 6


Fill a tennis ball with pebbles, and wrap it in rope to make this sailor’s knot doorstop and paperweight. Great decoration idea for rooms with a nautical theme. This can pass as ornaments for Christmas or a patio accent.

tennis ball hacks 3


Put a couple of tennis balls into old socks to make your own DIY back and neck massager. It works on pillows too! Free back massage focusing on your trigger points in the comfort of your home. It sounds crazy, but it works!

tennis ball hacks 4


On your next laundry day, make your own scented dryer balls. Your clothes will come out so much softer when you use this trick!

tennis ball hacks 7


Make sure you’ve pulled into the garage far enough to clear the garage door by making a tennis ball parking indicator. It’s as simple as hanging a tennis ball from the ceiling adjacent to your car’s windshield!

tennis ball hacks 8


Glue some tennis balls to a door or screws on the wall to hang your shoes and walkers on. Perfect for wet weather when you need to let your shoes drip dry!

tennis ball hacks 14


Slice a tennis ball in half to remove hot bulbs from the socket after they’ve burned out.

tennis ball hacks 5


Did you know you could remove scuff marks from wood floors with a tennis ball on a stick? Stuck an old tennis ball in a broom handle and voila!

tennis ball hacks 9


You probably remember this trick from school. Not only do tennis balls on the chair legs prevent scuffing, but they muffle noise when kids move around, too. It’s an oldie, but a goodie!

tennis ball hacks 10


Toss a few tennis balls into your pool to absorb oils from sunblock, etc. Wash them each week, and reuse them! A very effective and safe pool cleaner. Share this hack to your residents and friends that are swimmers.

tennis ball hacks 11

Manage cables and wires with tennis balls. They’ll never drop behind your desk again!

tennis ball hacks 12


Cut a slit in a tennis ball, add some treats, and let your dog have a ball… literally!

tennis ball hacks 13


Make a stand for your phone or a mini tripod using a tennis ball as a mold for the concrete. Or just create one from a tennis ball and skip the concrete. Either way works!

tennis ball hacks 15



Clever Uses for Tennis Balls